With an average reader’s attention span of 8 seconds, brands must market themselves successfully or lose the game before it starts. In an era where your audience is bombarded by information every moment of the day, it is crucial to set yourself apart from the noise and make sure you’re heard. Here are 10 ways for your brand to upgrade the way your email copywriting.

  1. Write a Strong Subject Line Why should the reader open your email? Because of the email subject line you have used. A subject line can make or break your email copy before it has even been set in motion. It must reflect what your email copywriting attempts to say and strike the right chords.
Source: Gmail

This Zomato subject line for example is intriguing and makes the reader want to click on it and learn more.

2. Stick To The Point

Not everyone has the time to go through your equivocation before jumping into the main topic of your email. Include a good subject line, add appropriate greetings, and get to the point. Weave a story about the very thing you’re attempting to market. Once you’ve got your reader hooked, you can further elaborate on your point.

Source: Gmail

The Zomato copy promises on the subject line mentioned above and gets to the point immediately with an eye-grabbing copy with its brand colours.

3. Do Your Research

Your email reflects the level of research you have put behind it. Have you sent the email to the right target audience? Have you backed up your claims with credible sources? Is your email copywriting tailored according to the results you’re looking for? If not, better get to it now.


This is a classic example of a well-researched quiz styled copy.

4. Email copywriting merits good structure

Every email needs a good structure. The body of the email must include paragraph breaks at the right points without exhausting the reader. Add bullet points and headers wherever needed, categorize your topics and break down pieces of information for the reader to digest and convert into revenue for your brand.


A good example of how to use bullet points would be the image above.


Do not write in all caps; it gives the reader an illusion of the communicator yelling. This is not something you want with email copywriting for your brand; it makes one seem less approachable and more spammy. Such emails rarely convert. This hurts your email open rate, and you could get blacklisted if enough people report. Avoid it at all costs, unless it is to grab attention on rare occasions and offers. Here is a guide on how and when to capitalise your subject line.


6. Do Not Use Clashing Colours

This is a more common mistake than one might think. Email copywriting without considering the right colour combinations is like a plan waiting to backfire. If you use clashing colours, your audience might not be able to read your email, to begin with, and different colours evoke different emotions. Use that to your advantage.

Source: Kissmetrics

7. Know Your Email Copywriting Goals

What do you want this email to achieve? How will you measure the success of this email copy? How do you want your readers to react and respond to this? Do you want the copy to convert or not? Ask yourselves these questions before writing the copy to target your audience and get your desired goals effectively

8. Stay Aligned

Let your email copy deliver on what your subject line promised the reader. While a clickbait subject line may get the reader to open the email once, it won’t help your brand in the long run. Lead your readers where you hope they go with your email copywriting. Good writing is not enough; here, consistency is critical.

9. Promote Action

The call to action or CTA is crucial when email copywriting. You don’t just want to tell your readers what to do but also direct them to make that choice and do it. This is what will get the readers to convert. It is often placed in the middle of the copy or towards its end and is made visible by using the right, contrasting colours.


10. Reward your reader

No one owes anybody their time. You don’t owe us reading this article the same way your readers don’t owe reading your email copy, which is fair. This is why it is important to express gratitude and reward your readers by offering discounts, benefits, or a gift; most of all, the reward would be a good copy itself. These are the things that will make them stay and subscribe. 


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Pooja is the head of operations at italics, a content marketing agency based in India. She manages content development and marketing for clients belonging to a wide range of industries. She is more than 8 years of experience in SEO content writing, copywriting, thought leadership and article writing. She is also a certified psychologist and an expert in analysing consumer behaviour to generate winning content

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