Last two decades have been revolutionary if we talk about the content on the internet. Everyone wants their content to be seen in the first page of any search engine. This has led to the development of a new field of Content Marketing, i.e., Search Engine Optimization or SEO. SEO depends on the keywords that are searched by the users. More the density of keywords better are its chances to appear in SERPs.

Well, that was until 2011..!

Before 2011, the trend of stuffing keywords in the content was taking hold, which eventually led to the degradation of the quality of write ups. The content with maximum keywords appeared first in SERPs and the well written content, with less number of keywords, got lost in the crowd. To amend this situation, Google released its first update, called Panda in 2011. Consequently, other algorithms updates, Penguin, Hummingbird and Pigeon were also released in order to identify and optimize the well written content appear earliest in SERPs. Since then, the Content Writing has changed substantially.

The SEO content, now, needs to be well-structured instead of just throwing keywords anywhere and everywhere. This has been established since the arrival of Google algorithm cheat sheet: Panda (launched in February, 2011), Penguin (launched in April, 2012), Hummingbird (launched in September, 2013), and Pigeon (launched in July, 2014).

SEO Content Writing Tips

Therefore, the definition of ‘SEO Friendly Content’ has changed. Now, SEO Friendly content means ‘a well-researched, well-planned, well-written content with logical and relevant information and right amount of appeal which has judicially placed links and keywords. Appropriate images, GIFs, audio or video clips etc. added for reference enhance the content quality.’

Everyone needs guidance when they commence  SEO Content Writing, whether it is a blog, Website Content or social media content. Knowing that the well-formed content WILL be favoured by search engines, gives an extra ounce of inspiration to the passionate writers. So you just need to start writing ‘good’ content and make sure that it is publicized well, leave out all the rest to the search engines.


How do we write content that is pertinent as well as SEO friendly?


Here are 17 tips to walk you through the extensive lane of SEO friendly Content Writing. Add these attributes to your content and you are definitely going up in SERPs.


1.       Attractive headline

The headline is like icing on the cake, the delisher it looks, the more it sells. Heading leaves the first impression on the reader; it is the selling point of any content. If the headline is interesting, then only the audience will want to read the whole thing. So, make the headline succinct and expository, at the same time don’t lose the element of intrigue, curiosity will take the audience to your content.

SEO content writing headlines


2.       Personal Touch:

Since the rise of the planet of apps, personal talks are the things of the past. In such a scenario, giving a personal touch to the content becomes very necessary. People will read the content only if they can relate to it, only if they feel connected. So, it is the need of the hour to make your content more personalized. Share an incident that readers can relate to..

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3.       Specifiation:

Everyone wants to read something that is meaningful for them. In that case a tailored content can do wonders for getting the attention of your audience. Your content needs to be customized according to the specific needs of the demography of your readers. Like, if you are writing about Logo Designing, then it should not only contain how to ideate logos, but it should also include the technical aspects of logo designing, techniques to enhance its appearance, relevant links and details of a software for logo designing and how to use it. This is necessary because your audience demography will mostly constitute of the logo designers.

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4.       Compare and Contrast:

The posts with comparison and contrast are always a big hit. People want to read something which proves that something is better than its counterpart. Be it a comparison between commodities, or between people, between dresses of their favourite actresses or between restaurants, comparison always catches the eyeballs. To make it even bigger sensation, you can add the relevant multimedia, like pictures, videos, gifs etc.

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5.       The “How to” Component:

When your content answers to the ‘how to’ quest, it draws major attention of anyone who wants to do something new, that’s practically everyone. All of us, at some point of time seek guidance to do something new, or better, or correctly. It has been found that the content with a heading “How to…” bags the maximum SEO popularity.

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6.       The number factor:

We all have gone through a phase when our teachers scolded us for not writing point-wise. That time, it seemed to be another excuse for teachers to irk us, but now, we know that it’s such a big deal. Whatever we write gets clarity, when we write point-wise; and whatever we want to read, we want it to be in numbered points so that we know exactly how many benefits, features, methods, steps, limitations etc. are we looking at. Numbering, not only makes it easier for readers to understand, but also provides them an element of surprise, curiosity and excitement, for which they won’t be able to resist clicking.

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7.       Judicious insertion of keywords:

“Tracking the words in content which are most responded to” is the key-sentence when it comes to the judicious insertion of keywords in the content. If keywords are not inserted, your content gets lost in the swarm of millions of articles posted every day. And if keywords are stuffed, then algorithms consider it as spam and it is not found on the top of SERPs. So, it becomes very important to insert the right amount of keywords and weave meaningful content around it, as opposed to writing content first and then stuffing keywords. 1% use of keywords is considered to be apt. Like, if you are writing a 2000 word blog, a particular keyword can appear up to 20 times. Keyword insertion makes your article findable, but it doesn’t make it readable. So, first make your content good for readers to read, only then making it SEO friendly will help.

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8.       Relevant statistics:

Statistics provide credibility to your content, they make it more reliable. Everybody wants the truth, and more so, wants the evidence to support the truth. If your article is enriched by relevant statistics, it becomes more believable for the readers. Appropriate, researched stats data can take your article from ‘readable’ to ‘a must-read’. And for a good writer, it can’t get any better than this. The validity of your data increases even more when you quote the source, it makes your audience believe you ever more. Slowly and steadily, they develop a trust in your writing, and in long term, it becomes very useful for your viewership.

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9.       Smart ‘Ad-ons’:

Adjectives and Adverbs: These days, when long copy is preferred by the readers, use of adjectives and adverbs has become a trend. How to enhance your article has become a lifelong quest for the writers and the use of adjectives and adverbs seems like the easiest solution. You can use as many adjectives and adverbs you want and your article will definitely be better than the original- straight forward emotionless script. But, have you ever wondered why some of the articles seem to be more relatable than the others?? The answer lies in the choice of the adjectives and adverbs. Better suited the adjectives and adverbs are, better your article looks. Consider a room with white walls, you want it to be lively, you choose colours for the wall. If the colours are too feeble, the room looks dull; if they are too chintzy, the room looks dark, so you need just the right amount of colour, brightness and appropriate shade. Adjectives and adverbs work exactly like that. They give colour to your article, now it’s your choice, what kind of shades do you want your article to have. That’s where the adjective of adjectives and adverbs comes, ‘smart’.

The adjectives and adverbs that can stimulate a particular emotion that you want with that particular noun or verb are smart adjectives and adverbs.

While adjective and adverbs are necessary for more effective writing, overdoing them could end up making it stuffy. The sensible use of adjectives adds an aesthetic value to your write-up.

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10.   Imagery in writing:

Have you ever noticed, we are more attracted towards the stories that present themselves with a mental image than simple descriptions? Be it a story, a blog, an article or any other piece of writing, imagery provides an arena in minds of the reader to picturise the situation which makes reading more pleasurable. If the reader can picture it, it sparks an emotion which leads the audience to build better affinity with the write up. Imagery can make expression of all the emotions million times stronger. Hurt, pain, joy, beauty, wonder, all can be experienced by the reader through your writing if imagery is used.

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11.   Tell a tale:

In any write up, if the related story is told, it makes your write-up more tempting and interesting. But, story-telling is not just an art, it’s a science too. It should have a point related to the topic you are going to discuss in your write up. It could provide a build up to the easy understanding of the topic about to be discussed, or it could provide a perfect sum up to conclude your write-up, it can also be inserted in between for reference; a great story gives a fascinating dimension to your write-up.


12.   Add Visuals (pictures and video and GIFs):

There are people who love to read, and they’d read anything relevant they find; but what about the people who do not like reading? This has become the latest advancement in today’s life, people don’t have time, energy or interest for reading. How will you get them to click your page? The simple solution in one word: VISUALS. The pictures, video clips, GIFs, etc. ensure that the non-readers see your article for the love of appealing GIFs, video etc. Visuals also provide a better understanding of the topic discussed if it has relevant screen-shots and images. Not only this, visuals add an interest quotient to your article, even the readers, who don’t have much time for reading sift through your article and understand the major points.


13.   Fun- Facts:

To introduce fun in your writing, present fun-facts to your valuable readers. Without fun facts, your writing is just a textbook material for conveying information. People want to learn something new, something they have never heard before and your fun facts provide just that. Fun facts are educational in nature, but they impart information in a way that makes them wonder, sometimes even doubt the truth of it. The element of surprise gives an edge to your article and makes it more interesting, exciting and fascinating.


14.   Sneak peek:

Who doesn’t want to cross the threshold of a restricted area? Who doesn’t want to open that door on which “Prohibited” is marked? Who doesn’t wish to enter the forbidden kingdom? And if once allowed, probably everyone would feel like going in there and see the unseen. Behind the scenes of any movie are more enjoyed than the movie itself. That says it all. To shoot up your viewership, all you need to do is to show what you are doing inside your office, how you are creating something out of nothing and sneaky little secret of your work-style. It’s perfect bait for attracting the audience of any demographic.


15.   Promise the result:

Everyone comes to with a purpose and if you promise them the result, they might actually get interested in it. Result is the outcome of your hard work. If the methods devised by you work for other people also, they’ll keep coming back to you for more advice. As it happens in the real world, so it happens in the digital world too. It helps in generating the organic viewership in multiplications and ultimately makes you visible on SEO front.


16.   Local content:

It is advised that you keep your content hyper-local. People who are searching for the local joints, local shops, anything local find your content online. It attracts the local demographic more than the global content. It makes you visible online at that particular place, in a particular region. When right type of promotion is received by right people, then it becomes more beneficial. This ultimately boosts your business and your SEO ratings increase organically.


17.   Mixture of long and short posts:

Consider all the stories of same length, will you enjoy reading them? Probably for a short while, but, over a period of time they seem monotonous and ultimately bores the viewers. Same happens with your content also. A person who visits you regularly wants something new every time, so, when he sees all the content in the same length every time, he loses interest. So it becomes highly important to break the monotony and post a mixed content of different lengths, tonality and emotion.

These pointers will not only make your content qualitatively better, but will also help you develop a distinct style along with the totality of inclusion of all the constituents. And like I mentioned earlier, since the origin of the new algorithms, ‘good’ writing is what makes your content SEO friendly and more importantly, readable. SEO makes you discoverable, while great content makes it enjoyable.


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