BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS…we love talking about books. About research on the best books. Reviewing books. That smell of books….ah! The bibliophile inside us is doing the jive.

Books have been engrossing us for ages. From the Victorian era to the modern century. Books have been used as a tool to educate and propagate messages. Initially, like pamphlets, they have come a long way from their humble beginnings to a source of entertainment and influence, the position that they hold today.

When we read, we cultivate our minds. We open the portals of other worlds and get immersed in them. There lies the beauty of books. It can transport us to uncharted territories, held in the deep abysses of our mind.

When it comes to advertising, the written word still holds power. A few well put words, clubbed together, can make an impact. This is key to any copywriting agenda we follow. The copy should supplement the visuals, else it’ll fall flat.

Anyone who starts as a copywriter faces a couple of dilemmas-

  • How to justify a copy?
  • What is creativity?
  • Is copywriting just about the words?
  • How to execute a creative campaign?

And so on….

For every CopyTigers(as we feel that copywriters are no less than the majestic beast), cub or seasoned, these 5 books are a guide through the murky jungles of the ad world. You can refer to them at the beginning of your journey or whenever you are out of ideas- these books will empower you to surge on with your journey.

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Prepare to be enlightened-

Book 1: The Copy Book by D&AD

 copywriting book

The Copy Book by D&AD the father of all books on copywriting. Nothing exceeds this, really! In fact this should be made a textbook for copywriting courses. This has been a bible for every creative director, fanning through its pages for insights and antidotes, alike. Curated by D&DA in the year 1995, it was a collaborative effort of the work and essays of 48 groundbreaking creatives in the field of advertising-Neil French, Mike Lescarbeau, Adrian Holme,David Abbott etc. Although quite outdated ,it is a treasure trove for creative people, especially those who want to break the mold and create their own niche.

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 Book 2: Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples

copywriting book 2

This one is a pretty old school. John Caples, a legend in the field of advertising for 60 years, wrote this book to guide the future generation in the world of ad copy. Published in 1997 this book is a classic of sorts with its candid, direct tone of conversation with some tome tested ideas that hold relevance now as it did then. Caples outlines his tips and tricks for that great copy- including his headline formulas, information on how to get better results etc.

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Book 3: Hey Whipple Squeeze This by Luke Sullivan

 copywriting book 3

Another classic, known for its zany title and irreverent tone. Published first in 1998,the book talks about the experiences of Luke Sullivan, copywriter at one of the nation’s most prestigious advertising firms, divulging all the secrets to writing a great advertisement. This is for those who believe in the power of selling,through words. The basic goal is coming up with innovative ideas that sell. With wisecracks and snappy anecdotes, this book is surely for the young cubs, raring to go.

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 Book 4: The Copywriter’s Handbook by Robert W Bly

copywriting book 4

This book is really old but essential. Published in 1986,it showcases many copywriting techniques that help with writing for ads, commercials, and direct mail that are clear, persuasive, and get more attention–and sell more products. It is a handbook of sorts for anyone related to copy- be it the writer or managers. It talks about techniques for writing classic headlines, how to open a sales letter, how to make your copy more readable etc. suggested by David Ogilvy himself, this book is an invaluable resource for going further in the advertising world.

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 Book 5: Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy

copywriting book 5

This book needs no prior introduction. Penned by the visionary himself, Ogilvy talks about advertising and his observations of it. Topics covered include creating B2B ads, writing headlines and body copy, travel and tourism marketing, and non-profit advertising, in addition to providing insights on running an agency and landing new clients is what this book is worth reading for. His rise from a humble company to the conglomerate it has become, is what inspires people. Be it someone in the brink of greatness or an Ogilvy fan boy, this book is a must read for all.

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Here’s four more unconventional books to up your copy game!

Why walk the the oft- trodden path! Add further ammo to your copy knowledge with these off-beat books on copywriting-

1. Zag by Mart Neumeier-

copywriting book

While the whole world zigs, Neumeier asks us to Zag. With innovative advice, Neumeier’s refreshing take on advertising deserves it a must read.

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2.Story by Robert McKee-

copywriting book

This talks about the art of telling a story, albeit through script writing. But at the end of the day, every brand, every company, every client has a story to tell. Telling a compelling narrative is the true power of any campaign. People think in stories and we respond to memorable ones.

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3.A Poetry Handbook by Mary Oliver-

copywriting book

Through the basis of poems, you get to learn the intricacies of crafting those one liners. Sometimes, through different forms of writing, you get your inspiration. An insightful read

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4.On Writing :A memoir of the craft by Stephen King-

When Stephen King is talking about writing, you best sit down and listen. A memoir and a master class put together, King talks about his vivid memories of childhood to the world’s most celebrated author and how writing saved his life. Friendly, inspiring and filled with anecdotes, it is King at his best-again.

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Now here you have it- a perfect list to inspire and sharpen your skills. Got, get them!

Stay Inspired ..


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