Every word you write about your brand is content.

Anything that describes, reviews or criticizes a brand is content. Every line which is written down for the brand is content. This makes content, one of the most powerful agents, to build or break a brand. People will believe the content you are generating more easily if it is coming from credible sources and is created after a lot of research. Writing content is, however, only half the battle, because if the content is not promoted effectively it won’t be able to make as much of an impact or reach as many people. It is not difficult to use technology to promote a brand nowadays. In fact, it is anything but tough.

Content Promotion and content marketing


What is Content Promotion?

The recognition of a brand is not dependent on its advertisements and manuals anymore. It depends on its blogs and reviews and it depends on how much the brand is willing to invest and how many channels is it willing to use. As a result, merely writing the content will not establish your brand; the content needs to be promoted as well as the product. Content promotion encompasses a number of aspects, from thinking of the topic to writing it and everything that goes beyond.

According to research, blog posts are among the most shared content online, due to which blog content creation is a top priority for marketers. The 2018 B2B marketers statistics from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) show that 91 percent of B2B marketers use content marketing to reach customers.

Top 6 Content Promotion Tactics for Brand Building

For many, content promotion is done when the content is written and linked to the website, but sadly, that loses a lot of the potential that well-planned content promotion offers. Effective content promotion requires strategy and planning before and after the content is written. Here are 6 very simple yet effective ways in which proper content promotion can take your brand to newer heights.


1. Social Media Engagement

The 21st century can easily be described as the age of social media, with billions of people across the world using various forms of social media, with millions spending hours on social media every day. In such a scenario, what can be a better way to promote content? People can read it on the go, save it for later and even forward it with a single click. Social media has more than 3 billion users, and that is the largest possible audience that a brand can get. Not only is your audience amplified, but your content will catch eyes within seconds. Some of the most common social media platforms for promoting content include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Quora
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest

There are also particular time slots that are considered to be peak times for posting on social media, based on the industry and target audience. Keeping such details in mind about the “science of social media” before posting content can help your content to be noticed quicker.

Content Promotion and Content Marketing

2. Email Broadcasting

E-mails are one of the oldest, yet most common ways to promote something. An e-mail will not only add a personal touch to your brand but also help you to connect with your audience at a more personal level. Brands generally have a list of e-mails ids of people who are interested in the brand or want to know more about it. You can send them e-mails to subscribe to your blogs or website.

You can notify your audience through e-mails about the publishing of new content and even attach the link to the e-mail for better and faster results. Attaching discounts at the end of your content and sending newsletters with new brand offers are one of the best ways to promote your brand through content.


3. Paid promotions

A relatively new feature, paid promotions are one of the best options for promoting content in today’s market. Apart from the popular ‘pay-per-click’ advertising modes, paid promotions also include within its umbrella a wide array of options like paid to search display ads, social media ads and many more. The platforms for paid promotions include:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • StumbleUpon
  • Reddit
  • Outbrain

While others might seem more common and popular for advertising, Outbrain is one of the networks of promotion that posts the websites and blogs in the ‘related posts’ part of the web page, giving exposure to your content and attracting audience towards it. However, if your target audience is focused on the millennial generation, StumbleUpon is a popular choice, with its “paid discovery” feature.


4. Comment Marketing

While a lot of people are involved in comment marketing, it is required to be done in the correct method and with a strategic plan. Comment marketing does not involve blindly commenting on the blog posts of similar brands for the sake of attracting attention. It requires sharing real opinions and looking for genuine ways to interact with a potential audience. However, a brand must take the effort to plan their steps while executing this method. The procedure can include some of the following steps:

  • Chalking out your target audience.
  • Recognising and researching your target blogs.
  • Keep up with them regularly.
  • Start commenting meaningful and unique points.
  • Make a time schedule for efficiency and speed.

Social Media Reactions

5. Guest Blogging

Posting content as a guest or writing for others in the form of collaborations is one of the most effective ways to draw traffic to your blog or website. To post a guest blog, would require you to write up innovative and informative articles that can be pitched to popular blogs and websites. If such articles are accepted, keep in mind to include the article with links to your own blog/webpage. Also, ensure that the website you are guest posting for has a good audience and has an active flow of people. The content being posted should definitely leave the people seeking more from you.


6. Connecting with Influencers

Influencers are personalities that have significant followings on social media and can be very efficient in promoting your content, given their popularity. While promoting content, your main target is anyone with a good audience. The best way to connect with influencers is not through social media mentions and direct messages, but on a more personal level like an email. Promoting your content through influencers, besides amplifying your traffic, it will also bring a diverse audience to your platform because of the greater connectivity of these influencers. To connect with Influencers, use the more up-and-coming social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, where posts can be shared, re-tweeted, etc.


Besides these common methods, there are other ways that you can promote your content, such as using pictures, videos, emphasis on keywords and search engine optimization. Additionally, you can also have your content’s traffic get checked through analytics. With the growing need and importance of content, people are moving to more ways of digitally marketing their brand and using more and more user-friendly content.

With a continuous promotion and marketing of your content, you will always be on top of your competitors and can see your brand go high up the ranks.

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