Have you ever longed for an ambiance, of which, every element gives you a soothing environ for developing creative content? A dark room where nobody or nothing disturbs, a low hum of the coffee house, a quick dictionary to find just the right word, a simple platform with nice templates to design visual creatives like infographics, banners, logos etc. with ease, an organizer for your day to day writing, so that you don’t have to remember everything…

Well, all this is right here, on the internet. In this blog, we bring you the salvation of the creative content developers. Here are 7 tools that make habitat for your creativity juices to flow freely.

1.      Dark Room:The dream of every creative content developer is to find a way to avoid all the distractions during writing. Since the era of computers it has become almost impossible to write without being disturbed by various options in fonts, sizes, word art, underlined spelling and grammatical errors. These disturbances lead to the breakage in the flow of thoughts and a perfectly good sentence could be lost forever.

The download button is also dark. Just click on it to download the small sized file.


After opening the file in the folder, click on darkroom application and hit ‘Run’.  darkroom2 darkroom-3darkroom4

Here is the screenshot of the actual writing ambiance of the Dark Room.


Dark Room is amazing software that gives you simply a dark room, no tabs, no options, nothing except for a cursor and the font appears in neon green color in the middle of the screen. There is no room for distraction while writing in here.

2.      Coffitivity: The sound of activity in the coffee house in background is known to relieve stress and increase the creativity among the creative people. May be this is the reason why the creative content developers are always ready to go to the coffee house and stay there for hours after finishing their coffee.

You don’t need to go to a coffee house to enjoy that sound; Coffitivity brings that comforting sound to you, wherever you are, in humdrum life at work or in lonely silence of your house.

Just plug in your headphones and you are good to go.


3.      Power Thesaurus:The real power of any creative content developer is in the words that make up the content. And believe me, we all go through the time when we want to express something very specifically and exquisitely, but we can’t find the right word for it. At best, we find the words which mean almost that, but not quite.

Power Thesaurus it the biggest bank of words which gives hundreds of synonyms for the one word. Just type in the closest word you remember and get its synonyms along with their meanings.


Not only this, it also gives you the antonyms in large numbers, helps making the expression even better.


4.      Canva: Canva is the most unique online design website. With thousands of free templates, icons, photos, text types, background, frames and other elements, Canva gives the user an opportunity to design and customize the creatives for poster, social media, banner, blog etc. at one platform. It also has an ‘uploads’ option to upload the image you want to work with. All your work gets auto-saved and you can work on your previous designs again, as and when required.



Choose the plain canvas or the template to create your very own designs.



It is so simple that it takes as low as 30 seconds to design and download the designed image. All the finished and unfinished designs will be available when you login to Canva again.

canva5 canva6 canva7

5.      Piktochart: Have you ever seen those beautiful infographics with wonder and wanted to create one, only that you were not so good with the Photoshop and its ‘layers’? Well, I was always fascinated with the infographics and I could make them on the paper, but not in digital form.

Piktochart came to my rescue.


You can pick from a number of free templates, vectors and icons to make it even easier and faster.


All you need to do in it is select the block, add the vectors, icons, text etc. and design your infographics at your whim. No complicated drawings, cuttings and editing the layers required, just drag and drop whatever you want to place wherever you want it.

piktochart3 piktochart4

And to make it longer, just keep adding the blocks.

Quick download of the high resolution file can be made in various formats including PNG and JPEG.


And your infographic is ready.


6.      Freepik: Freepik defines itself as “Graphic resource for everyone” and fulfills this promise to everyone. There are hundreds of free high resolution downloadable graphics, vectors, photos and icons to choose from. And then you can use them in your creative designs anywhere, also in canva and pictochart.

freepik freepik2

7.      Hubspot Content Calendar Templates: Our favorite bloggers have devised many helping aids for the people in creative content development and digital marketing. These also include some awesome templates for the content calendar. The best part is that they are available for both excel and Google sheets and you get them for absolutely free.

Here Blog Editorial Calendar is shown first.


After clicking at ‘I’m ready to download’, there is a dedicated button to download the file. The zipped folder gets downloaded and you are ready to use it.

hubspot-2 hubspot3 hubspot4

The next one is Content Planning Template. It is the most efficient way to plan the content date-wise and organize the social media posts as well. Although there is a separate template for social media posts planning, but this one also works for the same.

hubspot5 hubspot6

Another one is specially designed for the digital marketers called SMART Marketing Goals Template. It helps marketers know and understand their goals, plus define the goals for their business and keep track of them.

hubspot7 hubspot8

All these free tools not only make our daily content development easier and quality-wise better but also add more richness to our amazing, fun, innovative line of profession.

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