A worthy quote from the famous movie “Spider-Man” said, “with great powers come great responsibilities”. This is an apt way of starting this topic because all those of us who have stepped into the world of social media platforms have realized that it holds great power to communicate with the masses. Writing for social media is something that comes with a lot of responsibility and skills. 

Importance of Social Media Writing

The past few years have seen numerous social media platforms singing their way to digital success, and this has only given a window of opportunity for brands to enter a space and medium where they can communicate and connect with their audience instantly.

One important thing to keep in mind is that even though social media platforms give you space and freedom to post content that satiates the minds of the digital content-hungry people, not every content writer can do justice to it. This is also true because writing for social media is not just another typical tick mark activity. 

Writing for social media platforms is very different from other writing styles like blogs and white papers. Having said that, it is also true that in today’s day and age, if you do not have an online presence on these platforms, you are missing out on a lot of instant gratification in terms of path-breaking ROIs. So, it’s time to let your creativity speak for itself and take a bold step into the world of social media content creation.

Digital Savvy Hacks to write for Social Media

Head-turning Headlines

If your headline has not grabbed the short attention span of 8 seconds, then forget about anyone reading what your content has to say! These days, tons of content is being uploaded almost every second, and the one way to stand out is to work on headlines and titles that immediately grab your readers’ eyeballs.

Your headline alone should be so exciting that it forms an emotional connection and gives the readers a gist of what your content will be centred around. Headlines should be quirky and funny so that you compel readers to click the link and read on. 

Please Focus on the Trends while Writing for social Media

Be it memes, current happenings, or social issues that become a rage, plenty is being discussed at any given point in time, which means there is a lot to draw your inspiration from. We understand that coming up with something new all the time is close to impossible.

However, you can always base your content around something that is trending at that time. Writing for social media becomes successful when you can touch the core of your readers by giving them content that is the talk of the town. 

Import your Admirers to your Main Page

When you start giving regular content on social media platforms like Instagram, FB, Linked In and Twitter, it increases your digital visibility. Use these channels to communicate with the masses. When you see a few people who regularly like, share, and comment on your content, you must send them an invite to like and follow your main website. One main reason brands start writing for social media is to get actual visibility to their main page of business. 

Be Omnipresent on all Platforms

Every day, you hear of a new social media platform that might get you to think, “oops, not another platform”. Most people feel that they need to generate different content for every platform when, in reality, you can create uniformity by posting the same content on all these channels.

The idea is to be consistent with the kind of content you are putting out because it helps create the same brand tonality, even if it is on diverse platforms. These days you have several applications like Hootsuite, which can be used to schedule and post on multiple platforms with a single app itself. 

Emote with Emojis

Most marketers and brands feel that just because their sole purpose is to talk about business and profitability, they can’t be too informal. The beauty of writing for social media is that the central gist can be informative, but you can still connect with the audience on an emotional level. Many digital content creators have understood the potential of using emoticons and analyzing them based on what the audiences are feeling and using. Brands can keep in mind the emoticons that are trending and base their content that resonates the same feelings. 

Influence the Influencers

Remember the good old days when you bought something just because your favorite celebrity endorsed it? In the era of digital platforms, you have social media influencers who hold the same importance. These influencers create amazing content that gets them a stupendous fan following.

As brands, you need to be writing for social media intending to influence the influencers. If you are visible and are putting up content that resonates with the kind of content they are putting, they can endorse your product/services and boost your brand. This is one social media hack that can get your brand the digital boost and recognition it needs. 

Post- it on Reddit

Believe it or not, there are other platforms besides Google that can give honest feedback on how well your content is faring in SEO. Reddit is the front page platform that many people frequent to see what is trending and which content is creating ripples in the digital world. You can post content of different types, get people to follow you, and give you unbiased feedback. 

Flash that hashtag and key the keywords

When we order a large size pizza, we know it is tasty just as it is. However, we add the seasonings of oregano and chili flakes to add that zing factor to make it more delicious.

Similarly, your excellent writing for social media needs to be personified with the help of relevant hashtags and keywords that make it trendier on social media platforms. The past few years have seen several hashtags become a movement for .eg. #blacklivesmatter and #MeToo became a global voice that caused ripples worldwide. 

Writing for social media has no fixed recipe for success, and each brand discovers new ways of going about it. What matters is how comfortable you are experimenting with the different types of content and how well you can bring diversity to the same content to make it worthy for the various social media platforms. To make it easier you can also hire a copywriting service. You can have tried and tested hacks of your own, and if it has helped you trend, we would want to know more.

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