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Leo Burnett

When was the last time you were affected deeply by some commercial or social media campaign that you had to follow the brand to buy their products/services? And when was the last time you sat down to think precisely what kind of a buyer you are? 

We are asking these questions because generally, every brand campaign you see around you also asks the very same questions. As customers, we often don’t realize the amount of time and energy that content marketers spend in studying the buying behaviors of the masses before working on content that can go on to become the best content marketing examples. 

And since we are talking about content marketing campaigns, let us also point out that the purpose of these campaigns is not just to turn you into a loyal customer but also regularly deliver content that can strike a chord with your emotional senses. Content that is impactful and leaves you with a penny for your thought. 

It is campaigns like this that break the cliched and rote means of connecting with their audience, and it is the same campaigns that can be termed the best content marketing examples. We will be taking a look at some of the best content marketing campaigns creating waves of WOW to receive instant gratification from the audience. 


It is easy to break the clutter and do something groundbreaking at a time when everything is normal. The year 2020-21 has been anything but ordinary. When the travel and hospitality sectors were facing the complete brunt of the pandemic, one brand defied all expectations. 

Airbnb, a platform that offers affordable bread and breakfast stay options globally, could have given up and sat back during the pandemic. Instead, what they did was the complete opposite. They created a content marketing campaign that informed the masses about 100,000 of their hosts, converting their stays as affordable staying options for first responders battling the pandemic. 
This campaign conducted by Airbnb is a classic example of how meaningful content can help turn the most challenging situations into an opportunity. Airbnb is definitely an ideal content marketing example to keep in mind.


Will this article seem complete if we forget about the company that is The Taste of India? If it is one thing the Indian customers will never forget is the face of the smiling, utterly butterly Amul girl. For forever, we have got used to witnessing Amul put up topical posts that connect with social issues and current happenings along with creating sync with the brand itself.

Some would feel that a traditional company like Amul that started the “White Revolution” will stick to the conventional modes of advertising, but Amul gathered a separate fan following on platforms like Instagram, FB, and Twitter. Their campaigns are so engaging that people wait to see their topical posts that become memes instantly.


There is hardly anyone who hasn’t thanked Netflix for coming to their rescue in the past two years. OTT platform and streaming giant Netflix have created a niche of a different kind. When theatres were shut, Netflix came out with campaigns that did so much more than gather more subscribers. 

They used this time to start their Instagram live sessions through which people could connect with mental health experts and talk about how to deal with grief and loss that became so normal during the pandemic. 

It is important to note that as a brand that already has a lot when it comes to revenue, they still created content that helped their audience in some humanitarian way. Content marketing strategies like this make sense of more loyalty in the audience’s minds.

Vogue India

Vogue is a fashion magazine that has created waves globally with its international edition. When Vogue India was launched, people thought their content marketing concepts would be glamorous and filled with the glitterati. 

However, they started with a campaign that was so hard-hitting and spoke about breaking the gender norms. They roped in celebrities like Madhuri Dixit and have to date with content that does more than just marketing. They deliver content that is so impactful and highlights even those hard-hitting topics that people otherwise brush aside.


It is sporadic to come across a brand that immediately creates a place in our hearts and minds. One brand that has done so rather effectively is the delivery app Dunzo. Their mascots are quirky, and with every content they put out, they can address not just what they do but also talk about important things that are happening everywhere.

They used their Instagram live feed to reshare pleas of help where people were struggling to find a hospital and even oxygen cylinders during the pandemic. They used their vast followers base to connect the needy with those who could help. 

The most recent content marketing campaign that they carried out in June celebrated Pride month by introducing two new mascots who belong to the LGBTQ community. Every thought concept that they come up with has a great emotional connection and can still hit the right level of quirkiness. Indeed, Dunzo is one brand to look out for when it comes to its content marketing strategy.

Burger King

The year 2020-21 has been like a litmus test for almost every brand. We usually see the big fast-food brands being in a constant war when it comes to marketing content, but recent times saw something that changed the perception. The fast-food industry faced significant challenges since almost every country was being hurled into a lockdown.

At a time like this, Burger King came out with posts that asked the people to support the staff of other QSRs like Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s. It was refreshing to see that when everyone was suffering, brands forgot their differences to help others who were going through the consequences of the pandemic. 

The campaigns were hard-hitting and, at the same time, allowed Burger King as a brand to echo the thoughts of empathy by letting go of the competitive drive. 

With all the examples that we have seen, it is clear that all these content marketing examples became examples because they stuck to the basics. They prioritized human emotions and create something worth remembering

Content marketing these days is so much more than attracting customers to your brand and products. It is about creating that bond so that your customers don’t just invest in you financially but invest in you emotionally as well.

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