“Pay attention to what works, drop what doesn’t and keep moving forward.”

–Sunny Lenarduzzi.

Have you ever wondered just how brands are able to come with some of the most conventional means of marketing and promoting themselves? What does it take for a brand or a company to finally figure out exactly what drives their audience to a stage of complete frenzy, and what makes them lose interest in their campaign? The one way of ensuring that you are connecting with the masses in the most effective way is by conducting content audits.

The past few years have seen a significant boom in the way brands communicate and form a connection with their target audience. Let us tell you that the competition is fierce. It is because of this very reason that it is imperative that content audits are carried out from time to time. 
As a brand, you are churning out amazing content, and the levels of creativity and engagement are also plenty, but how does one know how well their content strategy is working? The answer to this question lies by using the key of content auditing. Content audits can unlock all the answers that you need to understand just how well your content is faring on the digital platforms that are flocked by the digital content hungry masses.

The gravest mistake that one can make is to carry on churning content without taking stock of the situation, which in most cases comes by performing regular content audits. But, hang on a second! When was the last time you actually took the time to audit the content that you sent out?

 If the answer is not in the longest time, then you probably ought to reconsider your strategy altogether. A thorough content audit helps you understand which pages of your website are performing well, and which are the ones that you have to remove because of a low digital footfall. 

It is important to know that based on the results that you want to achieve there are different levels of content auditing. The most preferred kind is a complete content audit which crawls through your entire content inventory and gives you the details of how well and relevant it is. Besides opting for a complete content audit, one can even go ahead with a partial content audit or SEO content audit as well. 

Why Content Auditing?

You may ask the most common question as to the reason why you even should bother performing a content audit in the first place? Well, it is important because producing content without the end result of engaging customers to engage in your product or service is of now use to anyone.

  • A content audit will highlight your top-performing page.
  • This will give you an idea of what your customers enjoy 
  • You will deliver content that ranks on the customer likeability index.

If you are wondering just how to start on this journey of content auditing, and have no clue as to where to start from, this blog will help give you the head start. These are a few facts that you need to keep in mind when performing a content audit in 2021. 

Define the goals and understand why you are running the content audit

Most of the problems happen when you go about performing a certain task without setting a clear end game or motive. Before you begin running a content audit for your website it is very important to analyze and answer the question “what do I wish to gain from this audit?”. 

Some of your goals could be to identify top-performing pages based on SEO metrics, or it could be with the aim of shortlisting pages that need to be removed. Once you know the desired destination that you want to reach, it will be easier for you to follow a route plan. The same holds true for the process of content audit.

Take a birds-eye view of all the content

When you work on content for your page it could be the internal content which comprises blogs, product information pages, service-based pages along with other landing pages content. Before you gather all the URLs of pages that need to be audited, it is necessary that you have a sitemap ready. Every different kind of page will have different auditing criteria and it is essential to have a bifurcation so that you get the right results.

Proper data collection

 Collecting data from all the content that you have published is a daunting task, however, if you use content audit tools, this too becomes easy. With the help of this tool you will be able to understand the semantics of how well each content post has done, and will also give you the means to understand which posts have been liked and shared.

Other detailed information like the overall footfall on your domain and average spend time also needs to be collected because knowing all this will give you concrete tips that you need to focus on while reworking on your content strategy. Data collected through a content audit is like the fuel you need to power your website so that it performs well and gives you leads that can be converted.

Once your content audit is done it is vital to know what to do with the data so that there is some method to all the chaos. You may find out the number of people who land on your website is high, but at the same time the average spend time is very less. This means that the audience is compelled to visit your pages, but probably the content is not engaging enough and that is why the bounce rate is higher. 

Going through a planned and systematic content audit process is time taking but the results that you get from it are worth all the time and trouble that you take. There are some of the best content writing companies which help in content auditing. The main aim of performing an audit on your website is to ensure that with the change in time, you too are changing the means of interacting with your target audience and giving them things that actually interest them.

The saying “if it is not visible and relevant, it will go out of sight and touch” is ever so true at a time when the consumers have a wide variety of options to choose from. So, make sure you invest in timely content audits so that your website ranks on search engines and you are able to entice a level of interest and curiosity in the minds of your target audience.

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Pooja is the head of operations at italics, a content marketing agency based in India. She manages content development and marketing for clients belonging to a wide range of industries. She is more than 8 years of experience in SEO content writing, copywriting, thought leadership and article writing. She is also a certified psychologist and an expert in analysing consumer behaviour to generate winning content

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