Be it big or small, businesses have now started identifying the importance of content marketing. So much so, that 56% of B2B and 62% of B2C businesses now outsource their content marketing activity, and rightly so! When compared with traditional marketing programs, the cost of content marketing is lesser by 62% and generates three times the volume of organic leads. For instance, Coca-Cola spends more funds on content creation than it does on television advertising!

As with most things in marketing, content marketing becomes infinitely more accessible with the right tools at one’s disposal. However, in this day and age of increasing competition, marketing your content to promote brand awareness is easier said than done. This is where the importance of content marketing tools come into the picture. With 2019 just around the corner, here is a list of the best content marketing tools that are bound to increase your audience engagement in the coming year:

1. Drum Up

An employee advocacy and social media marketing platform, Drum Up allows its users to curate content from a variety of different sources. You can also use this platform to create and schedule custom posts and to schedule social media posts from multiple accounts. Drum Up also enables its users to save posts to RSS feeds and to add a post to the content library to make sharing easier. It provides users with fresh content on a daily basis, and its one-click scheduling also saves a considerable amount of time.

To help your content generate more social media attention, this tool also suggests you trending hashtags that you can put into your post. As mentioned before, Drum Up can also act as a brand advocacy platform. By sharing videos, infographics, or helpful posts from your iPhone, Chrome extension, or Android phone, your employees can start a discussion and turn into content advocates for your brand.

Drum Up Tool


2. Nurph

Nurph is a fantastic tool to use if your content marketing strategy requires you to engage with your Twitter audience regularly. It allows you to start a real-time video-to-video conversation by sending invitations via hashtags to your audience through audio, video, and text. It also allows free-flowing group chats and provides engagement features like emojis and sound effects.

Nurph Tool for Engagement


Nurph allows you to replay chats and integrate hashtags in real time, which allows you to generate key behaviour insights about your Twitter community. Once the chat is done, Nurph provides you with a post-chat analysis that helps you with details like most active participants, most influential participants, most-retweeted posts, and much more.

3. Buzzsumo

This search engine tool allows you to find topics that are trending in your particular niche, while also providing you information about related influencers. Buzzsumo helps you in discovering the most-shared content on all social networks, thus enabling you to choose the best favourite topic for your content. Its deeply insightful reports also allow you to determine the social networks that work best to promote your posts.

Buzzsumo for Content Marketing

4. Serpstat

This all-in-one SEO platform consists of a variety of modules like backlink analysis, rank tracking, keyword research, SEO audit, and competitor analysis. Serpstat allows you to choose favourite topics for your blog, recognise keywords that have high volumes for texts, analyse competitors’ ads and content, and determine the ranking and SERP of all your posts. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to complete several content marketing tasks with the help of one single dashboard. All you need to do is type in your domain name or primary keyword, and Serpstat’s search box will deliver you all the reports in one single window.

Keyword Grouping Using Serpstat


5. Tweet Deck

Tweet Deck


This all-in-one Twitter management tool comes in handy for audience engagement campaigns. TweetDeck provides you with a convenient platform that allows you to keep track of multiple topics, accounts, and hashtag mentions. It allows you to track in real-time when users are talking about your brand and allows you to respond to them in an instant without you having to leave your dashboard. TweetDeck also gives a variety of fresh features like monitoring and analysis of trends, the creation of Twitter lists, and export of custom timelines to your site. One of the best tools for real-time management of everything Twitter, TweetDeck is a must-have tool for your content marketing kit in 2019.

6. Social Animal

This content marketing tool helps you with your social media marketing content strategy by helping you to research top performing content on a variety of different social media platforms. It has an “Insights” feature that analyses thousands of online articles and gives you suggestions about when to post, title length, and which social media platform would work best. Its Influencer Search also helps you find social media influencers based on any search term or keyword.

You can find the best matches to market your content by using Social Animal’s “Influencer Score” to sort through the multitude of influencers across various social media handles. Similarly, the “Facebook Search” also helps you in analysing your competitor’s Facebook pages. By giving you an insider view on the sentiment analysis, engagement data, and different kinds of social media posts, Social Animal allows you to design a Facebook content marketing strategy based on what works best for your competitors.

Social Animal


7. Banner Flow

Content creation is not just limited to developing texts; it also includes creating a variety of banners, tables, and infographics. However, not every content marketer is good at photoshop and graphic design, and this is where BannerFlow comes into the picture. It allows you to create impactful banners that are not only eye-catching but look professional at the same time. It is also useful in the promotion of posts on social networks and other platforms. It allows you to create banners either in a standard size or in a customised design that best suits your content needs. BannerFlow allows easy-to-use tools that allow you to adapt your content to every possible web platform to give it a branded image.

Banner Flow


8. Mintent

Mintent for Content Analytics


This content marketing tool allows you to keep track of content assets and online campaigns while also offering you a comprehensive editorial calendar. Planning your content not only helps you be more organised, but it also helps you deliver better content. It provides a single view of all your content, and also colour codes it by type. You can use Mintent to add and schedule content assets easily, assign tasks, create approval workflows, and manage content deadlines. It also has a variety of filters that allow you to view your calendar by campaign, theme, author, and many more; so that it makes it infinitesimally easier for you to find the content that you’re looking for. In addition to all these features, Mintent also helps you to check whether you have content gaps or whether you are creating too much of singularly one type of content.

When it comes to online marketing, merely creating good content is not enough. There is also a need for a sound content marketing plan that ensures that your content reaches the right audience. The tools mentioned above have the potential to not only support your marketing strategy but to also improve your brand’s impact and maximise your success.


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Pooja is the head of operations at italics, a content marketing agency based in India. She manages content development and marketing for clients belonging to a wide range of industries. She is more than 8 years of experience in SEO content writing, copywriting, thought leadership and article writing. She is also a certified psychologist and an expert in analysing consumer behaviour to generate winning content

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