Are you trying to see a dramatic growth in your business since a long time? With increasing categories of online and offline marketing, it is quite difficult to select one strategy for your business marketing. SEO, SMO, video marketing, mobile analytics and other dozens of marketing strategies may have shown proven results in just a few years, but what continues to be the number one marketing strategy for over a decade is “Email Marketing”.

One and the only reason for the persistence of email marketing over time is its highest ROI generation for marketers. As per a survey, email marketing generates $38 for every $1 spent. Email marketing provides widest available channel reach to the marketers. Within this article, we will discuss incredible examples of successful email campaigns and strategies to meet marketing goals.

How using email marketing can help you grow your business?

Anybody who is online has an active email

With Twitter reaching a mark of 255 million users and Facebook overloaded with more than 1 billion profiles, social media seems to be quite inviting. No doubt these numbers are too impressive, but your target audience is reachable through email marketing. According to a survey done by Radicati in 2013, there were 3.9 billion email accounts worldwide. They also predicted that this number would rise to 4.9 billion by 2017.

Although these figures might seem too good to be true, you can quickly check the possibility of this being true by your online behaviour. Whether it is a social networking site or an online store, before doing anything online, you need to verify yourself with your email id. Even social networking giants like Twitter and Facebook notify their users about latest activities via email communication. Email is your access pass to the web world. Anybody who is online has an email id.

Email promises to deliver your message directly and convert

It is recommended for all online marketers to choose to add an email subscriber over a new Facebook fan. This is because, emails get delivered about 90% of the time on an average, but only 2% of your Facebook fans take out time to read your posts in the News feed.

To drive traffic towards paid advertising, Facebook has limited the number of times your posts or brand will appear in the news feed. On the other hand, your email subscribers have willingly asked you to send them your marketing email. Therefore, it is more likely that your email subscribers become your future clients.

In fact, if you go through the average click-through rate calculated in a survey, emails campaigns get approximately 3%  click rate, whereas clicks marketers get from a tweet is about 0.5%. Which means a marketer gets around six times more clicks via email marketing as compared to Twitter.

As per Monetate, around 2.49% of visitors get converted via search engines, and 4.24% buyers come from email marketing. This shows that it is not only about social media, but email marketing has a win-win situation in every field.

Email can never be out of fashion

Do you remember the name of the largest social media site in the world between 2005 to 2008? It was MySpace. Once the most visited site in the world, it was surpassed by Google in 2006, and now it has been ranked as the 1,500th most popular site in the United States.

Nobody can guarantee the stability of any social networking site. Users tend to move on to a better social networking site eventually. However, email has a non-debatable era of stability. Since the first email campaign, which was sent to 400 people in 1978, email marketing has been consistently growing.

Today, with the latest email marketing tools, marketers can create and send attractive branded email campaigns, which increases the power of business and conversion rates. Therefore, investing in building a strong email subscriber list is anytime much more beneficial than investing in any social media or other online marketing platforms.

Your Cheat sheet to email marketing

If you are trying to understand how email marketing can dramatically increase your business growth, here is your brief guide to do’s and don’ts of email marketing:

  1. Jumping into anything without planning can bring you losses. Like any other marketing plan, it is essential to understand that email marketing is also a kind of investment. You cannot just randomly send an email and wait for the best to happen. Sit down, do a proper research and calculate what your budget allows you to do. Being realistic is the first steps towards achieving your goals.
  2. Before you start any email campaign, you need to understand what you want to achieve through the email. Find out answers to the questions like what you want to achieve? Why are you sending the email? Will you get higher traffic? Do you want to get more leads? Understand your reason for starting an email campaign and be clear about your goals and requirements.
  3. Choose the right email service provider. There are many email marketing service providers online who offers quick, pre-designed and customisable email templates to attract your potential clients.
  4. Line segmentation and targeting are the two most important factors of email marketing. Remember these two should be the key portion of your campaign strategy. Developing targeted leads help you understand the niche of your audience and use your leads properly. To create fruitful email lists read your audience behaviour via form submissions and social interactions.
  5. Branding your business is the game of consistency. If you want to look professional and spread the right brand awareness message, maintain consistency. Whatever you deliver in the name of your company, represents your company’s class. Use your business logo, select a creative subject line, send the email with a real person’s email with company name and try to personalise your email as much as possible.

As an online marketer, you have many open channels to reach your potential audience. However, with the limited amount of time and limited resources, you need to ensure your efforts are not wasted. To prioritise your efforts, you should select email marketing as your first and foremost channel of marketing. This will help you drive audience attention and grow your business revenue.

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