With the world moving online for their marketing needs, content marketing has become an integral part of online business promotions. Whether you are a B2B marketer or a B2C marketer, for a better performance in content marketing industry you need a regular supply of content.

Since Google loves content, every small and big organisation is trying to publish their best. As per a survey conducted in North America, B2B content marketers are expecting their content marketing expenditure to increase at a constant high rate throughout 2017. Most of the organisations would use this budget to hire content writing firms and freelancers outside the organisation.

Writing for your own company is an excellent idea, as you know your business the best and you can stay consistent with good content. However, to get the best out of your content marketing strategy, you need to fulfil many technicalities like SEO and plagiarism compliance. If you want to make sure you earn profits, you should fund into high-quality, SEO ready and compelling content that can generate high leads for your site and boost profits.

If you are planning to hire a content writing agency, you should first understand how to choose an agency and who can provide you cutting edge quality content. Hiring an experienced and tech-savvy content writing agency requires a discerning eye that can separate the best out of the rest.

What to expect from writing agencies?

Every organisation who is planning to hire a content writing agency should expect the following from their content writing agency:

  • They should be able to handle enough content volume.
  • They should deliver the projects within the required time frame.
  • Both the company and content writing agency should agree on a comfortable pricing.
  • Both the agency and the company should have proper contact and coordination processes.
  • The writing agency should be capable enough to adapt to various work requirements.

The attributes mentioned above are those that every organisation should look for in a content writing agency. These attributes will further add onto some of the important aspects, that you need to enquire about before hiring any agency.

Here are the top five things you should remember before hiring a writing agency:

#1 Experience in writing industry

An essential point to check before outsourcing your organisation’s content creation needs is what type of writing experience does the agency has, specifically in your industry. It is always better to work with an agency who understands the targeted group of readers and the industry you operate in.

This, however, doesn’t mean that versatile content writing agencies shouldn’t be considered. Most of the bigger content development firms are highly versatile. Before signing up with any agency, you should ask them their writer’s range of industry-specific experience.

#2 Find out real content players

Do not forget to check if the agency you are hiring have a clear understanding of the content they promise to write. There are many content writing agencies in the market who claim to provide high-quality and converting content, but every claim you hear cannot be right.

To judge an agency for their performance, you should first assign them a small project and check if their claims and samples can match up to the content they deliver. This could be a great way of establishing trust and confidence in the writing agency. A good writing agency will never have any issues providing you with their sample content and analyzing the existing content on your site. They will also suggest how things related to content development and marketing can be improved.

#3 Niche of writing

As a smart investor, you should never hire an agency blindly. Before hiring any agency, have a clear idea of their areas of expertise. Once, a Fortune 500 company had to undergo significant losses due to the inability of their writing agency. The agency failed to provide them brochure material when they needed it the most. Any professional content writing agency should provide you with the services like Blog posts, Articles, SEO content, Brochures, Press releases, Sales copies and Technical content.

#4 Past content performance

Checking writing samples will provide you valuable information about the ability of the agency. However, if you want to understand the performance level of their writing, look for their online metrics like social media shares, comments and Google rankings. If you see high audience engagement, you can be sure about the agency’s writing skills and appeal to the audience.

#5 Past client reviews

Look for some online reviews or talk to their previous clients personally. There is no doubt that the samples and portfolio can tell the almost everything about the agency, but they cannot explain to you how likely it is to work with them. Also, checking for client reviews can give you an idea of the success of brands your writing agency have worked with.

It is not always necessary that the agency or the person who is right for your organisation be also good for you. Therefore, focus on whether your company can align with your unique goals or not. You can also use HR software for small businesses to hire and manage the freelancers and the agencies.

Keeping all the above points in mind will help you get the best writing agency for your company. Remember, the responsibility of results for an organisation’s content marketing is not solely on the writing agency. If you are hiring them only to write content and not share your social media channels with them or in their newsletters, they will not be able to implement SEO strategies correctly. This may result in lower content performance on social media site and search engines.

Be careful while selecting your content writing agency and remember that everyone has a different writing tone, style and approach. The value of the content will only match your expectations if it works for your audience. So, before you decide anything, do not forget to consider your target audiences.

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