The past few years have seen a tremendous change when it comes to digitization. With the help of the internet and AI, even the most basic things like shopping and purchasing tickets have become easy on online portals. The one other change that has happened is the way people read books. Gone are the days when one had to go to the library to source out information from relevant books. This facts clearly highlights the importance of creating E Books

What is an E Book?

The era today is that of electronic books otherwise also known as e-books. E-books just like an actual book have multiple pages that are digitized and most ebooks come in a PDF format and thus can easily be shared with other readers as well on electronic devices. The past few years have seen a lot of writers moving on the electronic medium and publishing ebooks that become a raging success. It is imperative that you are aware of the latest changes taking place in the ebook world. Find out more about the nuances of ebook writing services here.

Are you also a writer who wants to understand the nuances of creating an ebook? If solid pointers and structure is what you need to work on an ebook, you have reached the right place. To make it simpler for you we will break down the do’s according to the;

Two Aspects to take care of while creating an E Book

  • Writing aspects 
  • Technical aspects

Let us take a look at some of the most important pointers that you need to keep in mind to create an ebook.

Writing Aspects

Choose an elaborate topic

 While working on an ebook it is very natural to go off topic from time to time. As a writer, if you have connected with your reader base with the help of sticking to a topic that you have knowledge about, it is a wise option to stick to writing what you know best. Your ebook should appeal with the masses and should also be a productive discussion point for your sales team that is pitching it. The idea is to stick to your expertise, because if you write on a topic that you know, your ebooks will have better content that will have the power to hold the attention of the readers. 

A lot of people get confused between content writing for ebooks and copywriting which is why it is essential to know the difference between both. To get more clarity you can find out what the basic difference is between content writing and copywriting.

Work on the outline of every chapter

The thing about a good ebook is that with every new chapter there is a level of curiosity and anticipation that is created. Now, how well this is executed depends on the skill of the writer. Chapters in your ebook need to be planned beforehand, and as a writer you need to have a clear structure and flow to understand where your story and narration is headed.

The best way of looking at the chapters is to consider them as new blog pages. The one main pointer that you need to keep in mind is that an ebook doesn’t necessarily have to be very long. If you have the ability to explain something in just 7 to 8 pages then keep it like that. Don’t go about trying to write an ebook just to fill pages.

Keep the chapters short and crisp

Unlike printed books that you read, ebooks are defined, short and not very lengthy. As a writer who wants to get published online, it is imperative to understand that you need to keep each chapter of your ebook defined and short. Make sure that every new chapter has some form of continuity to the previously written chapter.

This will help your readers understand your ebook better and form a better connection with it in terms of comprehending what you have written. The more your chapters are well connected the smoother the transition will be for the reader when they go from one chapter to the next.

Use interesting quotes

Using a powerful quote helps direct the attention of the readers immediately. When working on your ebook make sure you can insert relevant quotes that add more value to the powerful content that you are working on.

Technical Aspects

Focus on the design and layout

 One of the most important points that need to be kept in mind when you answer the question “how to create an ebook” is to tell the writer about the importance of designing and giving a layout to it. There are several platforms where you can choose from a number of layout options and design it in a way that it suits your writing style and content. Make sure that you choose a layout and design that doesn’t overpower your text and content. Keep it simple and minimalist.

Use images and visuals

Even when reading a book it was hard to find it interesting if there were no images or visuals in it. The same holds true in the case of an ebook. No matter how technical your subject or topic may be, it is always a good idea to use appropriate images and visuals that resonate with the content of your ebook. Most of the time, readers end up understanding more with the help of visuals and images. In the case when your ebook is all about statistical data and numbers you can break the monotony of heavy text by adding graphs and charts. 

Add the required CTA buttons

The whole purpose of writing and working on an ebook is so that you can attract more sales. Towards the end of your ebook make sure that you add a visible and easy to spot and use call to action button. Placing a CTA button will direct your readers to other pages or ebooks that they might be interested in. 

Convert it into PDF and give it a landing page

With your content, layout and structure out of the way the last thing you need to do is convert it into a PDF format so that it can be shared with your readers easily.  Once converted into PDF format, you need to work on a dedicated landing page that gives an idea to the readers about the central idea of your ebook. This landing page should also have offers and contact forms that your readers can fill.

Promote your ebook and track the performance

With most of the critical work already done, it’s now time to promote it on different marketing channels. It is important to create a hype about your ebook so that people know about it. Give CTA links on your website and other social media platforms.  One should also promote the ebook by writing a relevant blog about it. Set aside a marginal budget to do some paid marketing so that you can see more people aware of the work that you have done.


Understanding how to create an ebook is a little technical but not challenging. As long as you have a clear idea of what you want to write about and how your potential readers will be, it will be easy for you to work on a concise structure and format. Keep in mind all the above mentioned pointers and you will be well on your way to creating an ebook that appeals to your audience.

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