The Instagram algorithm (like the Facebook algorithm) is a proprietary combination of parameters that helps the platform determine which material should be highlighted and pushed to the bottom of a user’s newsfeed.

Still, in 2022, Instagram reintroduced the opportunity to view a curated list of recent posts from the user’s favourite accounts and the ability to browse the user’s feed chronologically. This reintroduction has changed the way the default feeds are visible on Instagram. The default feed is dependent on the Instagram algorithm.

The posts will not reach their intended audience if the content creator does not know which post would be shared the most on Instagram, the posts will not reach their intended audience. Thus, social media content can be successful only if the Instagram algorithm is understood.

How does Instagram Algorithm work?

Numerous pieces of content are posted online every day, but Instagram does not show all the content to its users. Instead, it uses algorithms to decide which content will be visible to its users. This personalized experience has only been possible because of technological advancement. 

Ever wonder how the feed gets updated every time you open the app? 

Because of the algorithms through which Instagram decides which posts, stories, live videos, and reels are to be made visible to the user and chronological order. 

Previously, the Instagram arranged the feeds of the user’s basis the following signals:

  • The interest of the user in the content on similar topics
  • Feeds based on the chronology of the timelines
  • Posts from the frequently contacted accounts
  • Frequency of using the Instagram account
  • Number of people the user is following 
  • Number of hours spent on the app

These days along with the signals mentioned earlier, Instagram also uses the following factors for arranging the feeds:

  • Location, the engagement rate of the post
  • The interest of the user in the post of a particular account
  • The activity of the user, number of likes, and frequency of interaction of the posts
  • History of the interaction of the user with the account 

How can content Outsmart the Instagram Algorithm?

These algorithms help marketers develop a content strategy keeping the algorithm in mind for better reach. One method could be creating high-quality content consistently. Other methods of outsmarting the Instagram Algorithms are as follows:

Be consistent in the content category and interact with the other account users

Instagram’s algorithm is continually adapting to the actions of its users. Every post they make live, hashtag they use, and engagement they have provides the algorithm with a clue about their account.

With this in mind, one of the most effective methods to continue to educate the algorithm is to stay constant in the niche, i.e. they are consistent in the chosen topics or in interacting with the accounts.

A profile is more likely to be presented to relevant audiences in suggested profiles to follow, recommended Reels, and Explore Page results after the algorithm has a good idea of its specialization.

Make the post live at the right time for better reach and engagement

Understand the high engagement time slot for the posts and make the content live when the audience is expected to engage the most with the Content. On Instagram, audience involvement is a significant indicator, so uploading the content at the correct time and on the right day will considerably impact the organic reach.

Adding strong call-to-action for more likes and comments on the posts

To encourage more interactions, include a strong call-to-action in the post captions. This might be as simple as posing a question to the audience or pressing them to tag a friend in the comments section to join the newest promotion.

High optimization of the post for SEO on Instagram

Using descriptive captions with relevant highly searched keywords, 30 relevant hashtags in the caption and alt text for the posts can help optimize the SEO for Instagram. SEO optimization helps in attracting the right audience for the content.

Improved strategy for using hashtags

Hashtags play a significant role in categorizing the content. It is essential to keep in mind always to use relevant hashtags; they should be commonly used in the trending posts, and also bear in mind never to use banned hashtags.

Embracing the new features of Instagram

One of the most effective strategies to outsmart the Instagram algorithm is to use the most recent features as soon as possible. Because Instagram places a premium on new features to encourage adoption, getting a head start developing them while the competition is still low may be a significant benefit.

Use engagement stickers regularly when posting stories

Interactions are essential factors in the Instagram algorithm, and Instagram Stories stickers are one of the quickest and easiest methods to increase engagement. Stories are an excellent way to strengthen audience interactions. Encourage the followers to participate and express their thoughts by polling them or sending them a direct message.

Be regular in posting Content to trigger the Instagram Algorithm

Staying constant on the app is one of the most crucial things to get control over the algorithm. Create and stick to an Instagram-specific posting schedule. It will help users stay active on the site indefinitely, allowing their followers to engage with their material, and will enable the algorithm to learn more about the user’s account. The more information they have and the more engagement they see, the higher up their feeds will appear.

Use high-quality images

Instagram claims that the best method to succeed on social media is to share popular material. However, popular material is a subjective term. Because Instagram is a visual network, you can’t go wrong with posting material that looks great and appeals to the target audience.

Content must be very engaging and aesthetically appealing. Otherwise, there’s no point, and no one will be able to stop the scroll from continuing. And the brand’s sphere of influence will dwindle.

This informs the system that the brands aren’t producing quality material. Stick to your brand’s requirements, but don’t be afraid to get creative with eye-catching colors, fascinating locations, and unique themes to captivate the target audience on Instagram.

These strategies can help marketers and individual users alike in outsmarting the Instagram Algorithm. Also, keep in mind, when in doubt about how to use these helping tips, just post everyday good, simple, easy to read, and eye-catching content.


Understanding the Instagram algorithm is no rocket science. When the Instagram algorithm continuously transforms, companies still have many options to engage customers without relying solely on advertisements.

This entails utilizing the platform’s most recent features to guarantee that the user consistently produces fresh, timely material that stimulates engagement. If you have the right content for the right audience you can win the Instagram algorithm. You can hire content marketing services to plan your content right. Rather than avoiding the algorithm’s new rules, confront them head-on.

As Instagram’s algorithm evolves, take advantage of the changes to build stronger relationships, generate high-quality content, and improve your Instagram Stories approach. 

It’s a common fallacy that Instagram’s algorithm renders the platform useless for performing. This is where marketers can differentiate themselves from the pack. Yes, it will be more challenging to expand the reach and visibility, but everyone else is going through the same thing. 

Testing out all of the new features in Instagram Stories can help users outsmart the Instagram algorithm and keep them one step ahead of their competitors. So please give it a go!

The goal is to keep the attention on the content. It must be pleasing to the eye. It should convey a tale. It has to be fluid. If all of those things are in order, the user is set to go since Instagram will help them get more engagements.

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