How to Start a Podcast

How to Start a Podcast

A podcast is more than just YouTube without video. It’s a form of audio content that enables people like you and me to soar into becoming creators. If you’re wondering how to start a podcast, it has become easier than ever. Yet, people who are well-cemented in the field rarely, if ever, amplify the advantages and convenience of starting a podcast. 

Long answer short, to understand how to start a podcast, you simply have to:

  1. Choose a niche
  2. Pick a name
  3. Decide the format
  4. Assemble audio/video recording devices
  5. Start recording!

How is a podcast different from two radio jockeys conversing live on the radio? Radio is live, while podcasts can be pre-recorded and then broadcasted. It allows the creator to edit and only share what they want to after giving it a second thought. Podcasts are carved out for niches while radios work for the masses; podcasts are not synonymous with mass entertainment. There are various kinds of podcasts on different topics. You can name it, and you will find it. Namely, the most common types of podcasts are:

  • Nonfiction narrative podcasts.
  • Interview and/or conversational podcasts.
  • Hybrid podcasts.
  • Scripted fiction podcasts.

Each with its niche and an audience that religiously follows these podcasts and keeps the wheels of online audio content running.

Staring a podcast allows one to share information and entertain people without any visual stimulus; here, the attention is focused just on the audio and voices of the host.

Now, how do you start a podcast? Just like in journalism, you have to ask yourself the 5 W’s and H. The why, when, who, where, what, and how. Once you have the answers for these, the picture starts becoming clear.

Start with ‘Why’ you want to start one.  Is your podcast trying to market something? Or is it simply a means of expression for you? Jot down your reasons, choose your subject, and off you go! Before starting your podcast, keep in mind what kind of audience you are targeting and whether the content you create will be accessible and acceptable to them. Without the right audience, you might as well be yelling into the void. To tap into the right audience and find out how to start a podcast and make it successful, you will require thorough research and experimentation until you find the right fit. A vast and thriving industry to tap into is pop-culture fandoms. A fandom is a collective of all the fans of a particular thing. It could range from movies to T.V. shows, actors, singers, and even cartoons. Each category here consists of several artists and genres that can be discussed in a podcast. You could discuss the new episode of You or diss shows you don’t like together.

With a podcast there is no saying as to what you can achieve.

What is more critical than learning how to start a podcast is writing a good, strong summary. This sells your podcast to your audience and can make or break whether the audience chooses to listen or just go to the next good podcast out there.

There are several applications and software that guide you on how to start a podcast, some of them being:

  1. Anchor

Anchor by Spotifycreateisis said to be one of the easiest and convenient ways to start a podcast. The answer to “How to start a podcast?” is Anchor more often than not. It is a beginner-friendly platform that allows the creator to monetize their podcast without any hassle. Anchor is completely free.


  1. Podbean

Podbean is a one-stop destination for all your podcast needs. Right from publishing to monetization, it takes care of everything. Understanding how to start a podcast has never been easier with its services like embeddable players, social media auto sharing, podcast distribution, email integration, and makes your podcast available on Alexa. Its prices range from $9 to $29/month.


  1. Cast

With an easy and effective interface, Cast allows podcast creators to record podcasts easily and even enables making auto-sharing newbies who are yet to learn how to start a podcast conveniently. The software is categorized into three parts; The Studio, The Editor, and The Publisher. These self-explanatory features are currently only available online and not as mobile applications.

It is priced at $10/month.


Now that we know how to start a podcast, a bigger question poses itself before us—When do you start a podcast? Now.

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