In the earlier days, if you needed to buy a product, the only thing that you needed to do was go to the nearest market, browse through all the options in all the aisles and then finally make the payment and buy the product.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and the way we search for products and buy them has been digitized and revolutionized by the world of the internet.

Today, if a person needs to purchase something all they need to do is head to Google, type the product that they want, and within seconds tons of options appear on their screens. This is the magic of SEO Content Writing.

What is Product Description

With a comprehensive list of products available online, they can easily compare and buy the best, right from the comforts of their homes. As easy as shopping has gotten for the consumers, it has given the product manufacturers a challenge to overcome each and every day.

Why to make Product Description SEO Friendly

You see, at the backend of this list magically appearing on your screen, lies the handy work of the Search engine optimization keyword strategy. When you market your product online there are a few parameters you need to consider.

Today, along with the images and product details, your product description should be written in a way that it passes the understanding test of the search engines and at the same time is understood by the customers as well.

Why write SEO product descriptions?

  • SEO product descriptions help give your product that visibility that it needs to rank on the search result pages. 

  • SEO product descriptions give a better understanding to the customers regarding the product on the whole, and this convinces them and finally leads them to completing the purchase.

Tips to Write SEO Product Description

If you are wondering how to write SEO product descriptions, you have reached the right place. We will be taking you through tips that will help you to write SEO product descriptions that will fetch you the best digital footfall. 

SEO personified key features

The first tip that we can give when you ask the question “how to write SEO product descriptions” is to tell you to take relevant time to ensure that you highlight and display all the key unique selling points of your product in the most SEO strategic way.

These days there are several online shopping portals, and while this means more options for the buyers, it has resulted in eCommerce websites competing with each other for every single customer.

This means that as a merchant you need to add as many relevant features as possible so that you rank the best and give other competitors a good fight. Your key features should be mentioned in bullet points so that the focus goes immediately on all the features that make your products worth investing in.

Understand your product

As a seller or manufacturer, if you yourself can’t answer the question “why do I need to buy this product?”, then there is something going terribly wrong. One of the most important ways of understanding how to write SEO product descriptions is to know your product inside out so that as a writer you can best translate that into search engine optimized content. Take a closer look at the products and understand better;

  • The use and purpose of the product 
  • Evaluate the key features 
  • Know who your target audience is 

The moment you know all this, you will be able to write product descriptions that will rank on the search engine and sell like hotcakes.

Know your market

You could be writing amazing content for your product descriptions and yet not getting the desired results! This happens when you don’t have an idea of the market and audience that you are catering to. It is very crucial to use language based on your understanding of who the end buyers are going to be. Focus on what interests your buyers, and what other products they are interested in. Emphasizing this will help you form better product descriptions that are both interesting and eye-catching.

Keep the description simple & stupid

Understanding how to write SEO product descriptions will be incomplete without understanding this major pointer. As writers, some people have a tendency to get way too technical and use language that may not be understood by the larger masses.

If you’re showcasing a product that can be bought by people from different segments, it is crucial to keep your product descriptions meaningful and easily understandable.

Avoid using language that is difficult to comprehend and technical terms that confuse the buyer rather than helping them understand the product. In short, your descriptions no matter how technical a product should be such that even a common man can understand what you are selling!

Pack as much information as you can

Your true skills as a writer come when you can pack as much information as you can in writing a product description that has a word limit of 20. Use catchy terms such as “high demand”, “best seller” and “top of the charts” to create a sense of urgency in the minds of the buyer.

A well-written SEO product description is one that explains the USPs of a product along with its benefits and practical uses. Make sure that you use high-ranking and relevant keywords that will help search engines rank your product listing accordingly.

Write unique and distinct product descriptions

With search engines backed with better search algorithms, it is not possible to get away with product description copies that are mere paraphrasing of the other product descriptions that are high ranking.

One of the key ways of understanding how to write SEO product descriptions is to ensure that each product description that you write is genuine and not plagiarized in any form.

The one thing that is critical is that you write product descriptions to suit the persona of your buyers and not just to satisfy the ranking parameters of a search engine.

Use keywords strategically

Some people feel that the only way to write SEO product descriptions is by overstuffing keywords. This is absolutely not true! In fact, overusing a keyword no matter how high their search volume is will result in your product getting blacklisted on the search engine parameters.

It is crucial to use keywords that have a high volume search index and are relevant for the product that you have for the customer. But, at the same time, it is important to put a cap on the number of times it should be used while forming a product description.

Make sure that you use LSI keywords and offer ALT tags to all the images that you use for your descriptions.  The key is to first work on an informative description and then insert the relevant keywords aesthetically, and not the other way around.

As complicated as it may seem, there is no rocket science involved in understanding how to write SEO product descriptions, that will help your product pages rank high.

All you need to do is focus on the pointers mentioned above and focus on forming product descriptions that suit your customers’ understanding first, and satisfy the search engine parameters later.

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Pooja is the head of operations at italics, a content marketing agency based in India. She manages content development and marketing for clients belonging to a wide range of industries. She is more than 8 years of experience in SEO content writing, copywriting, thought leadership and article writing. She is also a certified psychologist and an expert in analysing consumer behaviour to generate winning content

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