In this ever-transforming industry, it is vital you stay informed and updated on all the recently developed business trends to run a profit-making company. Earlier, promoting your business was costly and limited to radio, TV, and print ads that only reached a certain population. However, things have changed drastically today as you can get in touch with many potential consumers all around the globe, and for a much cheaper cost. Now you can use the internet in several ways to advertise your product, and one of the most efficient methods to drive traffic to your site is via content marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a technique of creating high-quality content that your target audience finds valuable and relevant, with the objective of creating a loyal consumer. You provide something valuable to someone in exchange for a potential monetary reward. So what can you produce online for free that has value?

In this cut-throat world, giving value means helping customers refine their life by providing solutions they want. As trend changes, so do consumer’s needs. By offering something they deem valuable, you can help build a relationship where they feel at ease while buying from you. So, if you have never written content before, you will need to do much more than generate content to assure success. You also need to understand how to market your content with guest postings, blogs and several other marketing strategies.

Here are some tips that will help you understand how to use content marketing to grow your business.

Guest Posting
Guest posting is a smart method to influence and reach your target audience on other websites. There is absolutely no deficit of blogs that supply guest posting for free. In fact, there are more than 3,000 blogs that accept guest posts. You can utilise this opportunity to interact with new people and showcase your content while putting a link that will take readers to your website. Blogs that have an established fan base and have been around longer can provide you with an opening to a whole new set of consumers.

Optimize  Your Content
Search engine optimisation, or more commonly known as SEO, is a technique that optimises your marketing content to make it amicable for Google’s search engine ranking algorithm. This is important if you want a high-ranking of your business on Google’s search list. The higher your ranking, the more likely your business will be visible. SEO is a substantial way to drive targeted traffic toward your website while also thriving your business to the top of certain search queries.

If you search “how to write a great blog post” on Google, the first result that you would you click on would definitely be Google excerpt from HubSpot. This demonstrates how powerful SEO and content marketing together can be to build brand awareness.

Use Social Media
Marketing on social media is tremendously popular due to the affordability factor and potential reach. Almost everyone uses social media to interact and communicate in one way or another. Content marketing is one way to connect with your target audience. Good content can be shared n number of times making you reach new consumers without having to spend money on the promotion.

There are two methods you can use social media to share your content. One way is by creating a unique business page to build loyal customers. If you offer valuable content, viewers will share, like and subscribe to your page. The other method is by selling your content with paid advertising. This will get your content featured on other corresponding network user’s feeds.

Increase Your Content Quantity
In the report published by Content Marketing Institute on trends, benchmarks, and budgets on content marketing in North America, it was stated that 75% of marketers have increased the number of content that they produce juxtaposed to their content production from a year ago. While quantity is crucial, you should never create fresh content just for the sake of having additional content. You need to make sure that all the marketing content is produced in a planned way that offers value to the viewers.

The rise in the quantity of marketing content is directly proportional to an increase in the number of networks available to spread the content. Be sure to take advantage of all the different platforms that are available for distributing content to your audience.

Improve trust With Lead Nurturing
How can you get your audience to stay with you for long to develop their lifetime value? By nurturing those customers and leads with content marketing. The fact being that content is the foundation for improving customer trust, and as soon as they begin to trust your product, they will be inclined to not only to share your content but to also to come back for more useful information. As the regularity of viewing and sharing your content grows so does brand engagement and recall.

In a report shared by Accenture, the data shows that consumers want personalised content, and they’re more willing to buy something when the content is personalised. This personalised content also helps consumers remember your brand name and the services you provide them. Your content becomes a constructive feedback loop benefiting your customer and your business. Over time, that exposure and engagement boost brand sales and recognition into loyal consumers.


When it comes to interactive content marketing strategies, if you can hit the nail then you could see your business gaining massive profits. However, building content marketing strategies at times can be a difficult task to achieve, but if you find that correct formula for whatever works best for your industry, you will see your content marketing campaign being significantly successful.

Let’s take a look at how some of the companies utilised content marketing to grow their business.

Google Doodle:
Google is a company that requires no introduction. It has been successfully influencing people through content marketing with its widely admired doodles. Including several familiar anniversaries, birthdays, prominent days of historical significance etc., Google’s Doodles have been so impactful that they drive the user to click on it and read about the same.


American Express’ Travel & Leisure Magazine:
One of the most important names in the travel industry, American Express has almost 99 years of success with its publication magazine – ‘Travel & Leisure.’ Over the course of many years, American Express has turned into a saviour for travellers who wanted maps and guides for exploring long journeys. In association with Travel and U.S. Camera, American Express captivated the readers with its picturesque views and became one of America’s major publisher.

A mobile app to find the best restaurants around your location, Zomato is a well-known name on which many people rely. The company has gone worldwide by making its presence felt in over 15 countries, generating millions of funds, and depicting a consistently spectacular growth rate. Zomato has performed amazingly well in terms of offering the best via content marketing strategies which are not only confined to content, but also campaigns, videos, and infographics.

A 101-year-old company that entered the Indian market 2011, Oreo takes content marketing very seriously. The company backed upon one of the most regularly used social media network- Facebook to inspire and engage its targeted audience with relevant content that previously only Amul had successfully generated. Starting with the famous selfie episode to have hit the country, Oreo asked its consumers and fans to share their quirky selfies with their best friend using the hashtag #OreoBesties. The campaign ran for three days with a satisfactory response from everyone through Twitter and Facebook.

A famous name behind making our teeth clean and shine brightly, Colgate is a trusted household brand. The company set a great example by providing an online Oral and Dental Health Resource centre that consists of interactive guides, insightful videos, and almost 400 articles on dental care & its importance. Colgate presented a collection of in-depth research-based data in the form of e-newsletters, blogs, and e-books; thus leveraging content marketing competently.


Well, that’s it, folks! Now, all you need to keep in mind is that content marketing can be vital to take your business to the next level, but only if you apply it accurately. By utilising these four tips, you will not only separate your brand from the competition through relevant, high-quality content marketing but also engage your audience effectively. Keep these points in mind which will help you push the boundaries of your marketing ability as you advance your business.

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