“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches—at scale.” – David Newman.

The email marketing strategy is one that is not new, and we all have been using emails for the longest time that we can remember. In fact, according to Statista, the global users of email grew to 3.9 billion users and is only bound to grow to 4.3 billion users by the year 2023. If you look at these numbers it is clearly visible that email is something that keeps half of the world’s population connected. 

But before we dive deeper into understanding the world of email marketing strategies let us understand what email marketing is and why it is still an important medium?

What is email marketing?

Do you remember initially when you signed up for an email account and started getting promotional emails telling you about different brands and their offers?

Well, this process is known as email marketing. Email marketing is the process when brands and businesses send you mailers to inform you about their latest products and offers that you can purchase. 

This technique is still the best medium to send out bulk emails to all your current and potential customers who come to your website and sign up for alerts. Let’s just say that email marketing is your direct means of reaching the users and making a long-lasting impact. 

Why choose email marketing?

The last few years have been one of digital innovation, where marketers have been influenced by other digital means of advertising. There is no denying that these new mediums help amplify the overall reach of a brand.

However, the email marketing strategy is that gold that will never go out of style! The best part of email marketing is that it helps you reach your audience 365 days of the year and all throughout 24 hours of the day. 

As a brand if you are missing out on the opportunity of reaching these numbers, it is high time that you think about working on a solid email marketing strategy that will give you the edge that you need. Do you want to revise the process of your email marketing with the TOTs that help you excel? Brace yourself as we take you on a journey to know the top 10 email marketing strategies that will help your brand stand apart.

Enhance your email marketing strategy

Personalize your emails without the name

As shocking as the first point may seem to you, it is true that because of all the phishing, credit card frauds and other data thefts happening regularly, most people who check their emails have become weary of opening emails that are directly addressed to them. The saying “ What’s in a name” holds true in the case of following an email marketing strategy. 

Now you might wonder how to personalize an email without using the customer’s name? For starters, the most effective way to connect with your audience is by sending them emails based on their past buying patterns that give them suggestions on what else is new. Targeting the past buying patterns, triggers 98% responses from the customers. The ultimate goal of working on an email marketing strategy is to reach the masses collectively and have them respond by clicking on the CTA button.

Catchy and attractive subject lines

Did you know that people on an average have an attention span of just 8 seconds? Now imagine sending an email that is just one form of content that people consume in a digital data hungry world. If it is not interesting and captures their curiosity, the purpose is defeated. The current era is all about saying it the best with minimum characters used. 

This means that the subject line needs to be given a lot of thought and attention. Work on subject lines that compel the reader to open the email and read what it is all about. Using subject lines that generate curiosity and have an element of humour or creating an urgency in the mind of the readers. Subject lines that create an impact are probably one of the most important factors to support your email marketing strategy.

Timing matters

It is true that emails can reach anyone, anywhere at any time. However, that does not mean that you bombard the audience with emails at odd hours. There is no definite answer as to what time window is the best to reach the masses through emails, however, according to Experian Marketing Services that the best open rate was between 8 PM and midnight. 

Emails that have information about new campaigns and offers get the best output during the weekends, because let’s face it people are at home and have the time. Your email could have the best content, but if the timing is missed, you have missed the train for sure.

Lure them with freebies and giveaways

The first thought that most people have while engaging with anything is “what’s in it for me?”. It is a well noted fact that the biggest motivator for a person to do anything quite literally is when they get something in return. The same holds true in the case of emails. 

While working on an email marketing strategy is it important that you plan some emails around giving away free things or collectables that the audience can keep with them. Come up with unique limited time special offers that entice the readers to act within a stipulated time window. An email marketing strategy that campaigns giving away freebies and offers always has a high open rate for sure. 

Mobtimized emails

The era of mobile phones has got the flexibility of reaching the masses even when they are on the move. A survey has highlighted that almost 53% of people access their emails on their smartphones and other devices.

This reiterates the importance of working on email marketing strategies that are responsive in ways that are compatible and respond irrespective of the device used. One way of optimizing your emails is by ensuring that they are compatible on mobiles phones.

Social Media is an integral part of Email Marketing Strategy

63% of people use social media platforms and they use these platforms a lot to keep themselves updated about all that is happening around them.  The best thing about social media is that you can provide multiple subscribe links through which people can subscribe to getting your emails. Most of the time it also helps if you provide some sort of incentives to all those who subscribe to your emails through the social media platforms.

Poke the inactive subscribers

Of all the people who subscribe to your emails, most of them are those who will soon get inactive. In fact almost 63% of people sooner or later become inactive subscribers. Now,  part of a well planned email marketing strategy is to try and interest all those who no longer show interest in your emails. 

Create a special campaign for them and try and entice them to follow your emails that give them privileged discounts and special offers. If they respond to your email, move them to the list of active people and in case they don’t, make sure you remove them from your email list and not bother them. After all, the purpose of you sending emails won’t be met if they land up in the spam!

Add loads of visuals

A picture says a thousand words and emotes plenty of emotions as well, and precisely for the same reasons it is considered a good idea to include strong visuals in your email marketing strategy. It is a known and studied fact that a large percentage of people open emails that have images. 

Using attractive images that grab the attention of the readers is one of the best strategies that you can adopt. The only factors that you need to keep in mind while using images on the emails, is to ensure that you use images that are relevant to your email content, don’t take much time to load and are accompanied by relevant text that explain the context of the image that is being used.

Give them the means of reaching you

An email marketing strategy conducted without giving the required Call To Action buttons is like sending letters with no return address that can get you a reply! Providing a link that acts like a CTA is not as effective as providing a button that provides a better click through rate.   Make sure that the CTA button that you provide in all your email marketing strategies are visible, and are designed in a way that is attractive.

Test, test, test till you succeed

 It takes a lot of time to get the desired result from a well planned email marketing strategy. Having said that, it is important to test the success of every batch of emails that you send out so that you can constantly improve and innovate your ways. Run AB tests that can help you understand how good your subject lines are and how impactful the main content is as well. 

Email Copy plays a crucial role in overall Email Marketing Strategy. After pulling all the strings if your email copy is not good enough. There are copywriting Services in India which can add stars to your Email Marketing Campaign  

Typing an email and sending it out is not a difficult task these days. What makes all the difference is how differently you are able to execute your email marketing strategy in a way that you get results. So, take your time and do your homework before investing in an email marketing strategy that will get you the best results as long as you follow all the Tricks of the Trade.

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