Top Content Marketing Tools to use in 2021

Top Content Marketing Tools to use in 2021

The best of art is witnessed if only one has the right tools. In fact, in the digital era of content marketing, the right content marketing tools are necessary as the paint is for a painter.

Did you know that according to a Content Marketing Institute (CMI) survey, a whopping 91% of brands are using content marketing tools to create content that reaches their target audience?

With the above data disclosed, it is clear to understand that digital content marketing is here to stay. Let’s face it, content is the reigning king, and to deliver unique content that sparks the best of campaigns, one needs excellent content marketing tools that can help them provide the support that they need. 

In this blog, we will be rounding up some of the best content marketing tools that you can use to make your content top-notch and worthy of uploading on social media platforms.


Alright, so you have outstanding content concepts that you can market to your audience, but how effective is it in converting your audience to actual customers? This is where content marketing tools come in handy. 

The Hubspot Tool

The idea behind having a great content marketing tool in place is to manage the quantity of content you put out and upload. Content marketing is vital in today’s day and era, and it is equally important to manage it and see how it fares in the digital world.

Hubspot is an ideal platform that can be used for multipurpose purposes. It can be utilized for split testing, content hosting, and establishing a communication medium between the sales team and prospective customers. 

The best part of Hubspot is that it has incredible analytical software that gives you all the information of how well your content is performing to garner impressions like likes, shares, and comments. All in all, Hubspot is a must-have content marketing tool that you must use to make your life easy when it comes to posting and tracking the popularity factor of your content.

The Amazing Uberflip

 Next on the list of must-have content marketing tools is Uberflip. What makes Uberflip so different from the others is that it understands that customers can have different needs during the various stages of their buying process. 

More than anything, Uberflip is a content experience platform that can track all content types that you upload and can track how the customers have responded to the content.

Another aspect of this tool is that according to the content segmentation and kind, you can create content buckets that accelerate your reach amongst the niche target audience who enjoy that segment of content that you are uploading. 

It might take time to understand how this particular content marketing tool works but with the fantastic customer support team; you can get solutions almost instantly. With strategized content hubs in place, it becomes easier for you to work on possible lead generation too. 

Authentic Adobe Marketing Cloud

No list is complete without the listing of content marketing tools from Adobe. Next on our list of must-have tools is the Adobe marketing cloud. It is a tool that can be used to manage multiple channels on which you are uploading content. 

Adobe Marketing Cloud is like a one-stop platform that can control up to four essential Adobe tools. You can auto manage content, be it in the form of emails, images, or even ad content, through the superb backend analyzing tool of Adobe. 

With the help of Adobe Target, one can easily automate and personalize marketing content across different platforms. With Marketo Engage, you can focus on lead management and handle cross-selling over multiple platforms to increase your revenue.

 The Adobe Marketing Cloud is one of the best content marketing tools that leaders use to channel their content in the best possible way. It is entirely data-centric, which is why everything that you do will be mapped in terms of deliverables and numbers.

The Significant SEMRush

Ever wondered if there was a single tool that could help you with multiple processes and functions? A content marketing tool that is a dream come true for every digital content marketer is SEMRush. 

The single platform of SEMRush can be used for multiple purposes such as SEO tracking, digital traffic mapping, market research to keep tabs on what is trending in the market and can also be used for researching content that you can upload based on what is trending. 

The best feature of SEMRush is that it amplifies and optimizes your content based on the platform that you are posting it on.

The Candid Curata

The most crucial reason businesses opt for content marketing is to earn revenue, and with the help of the Curata content marketing tool, the most significant thing that you can do is grow leads and convert them into actual customers. 

This tool is ideal for businesses of all types, be it small, medium, or large-scale industries. The primary purpose of using Curata is to manage everything starting from finding, organizing, publishing, to promoting your content.


 Project management is one of the essential aspects of content management, and this holds, especially if there are multiple content marketing projects carried out. This content marketing tool can help you work on content calendars to plan and medicate content and blogs. 

It is a content calendar that automates your different content assets that need to be uploaded based on the priority and channel that they are being uploaded on. The best feature of is that it permits you to invite clients as guests to see the progress that their content strategy is making. 

If you are handling multiple content strategies for numerous brands, is just the content marketing tool you need. 

With so much content available on different platforms, it has never been more important to put content relevant to what the masses are enjoying. You can get your content marketing strategy in place with the help of content marketing services, the next important thing you need to do is choose the right content marketing tools to give you insights into making a mark with your content every time.

Make sure you make use of these fantastic content marketing tools that are there to make your life easy and maintain that crucial bond with the masses almost instantly.

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