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"No matter what you do your job is to tell your story" - Gary Vaynerchuk

There is no denying that in today’s era of being visible and memorable, brands have to do so much more than just producing average content. 2020-2021 has been a year when everyone decided to strengthen their brands digital visibility. And, if trends are to be believed, the most impactful way of seeking instant brand attention and recognition is with the help of stellar videos produced by a video production company.

According to a survey conducted in 2020, 96% consumers viewed more videos and 9 out of 10 viewers said that they would want to see more videos about brands and their businesses. Both these facts just highlight the importance of engaging the right video production services that can help you create videos that highlight your brand story.

Over the past few years there has been a transition in the medium through which people broadcast their brand stories, but the one thing that will never change is the fact that audience’s love a good story. At italics, our video production agency has a team of skilled and visual storytellers who will help narrate your brand story in the most attractive way possible. As an upcoming video production company, we feel it's our responsibility to be available to all brands irrespective of their niche and domain.

With videos dominating the way people consume and enjoy content, it will be a big opportunity missed if you as a brand are unable to seize it. One of the main reasons why most brands still shy away from video content is because 17% brands have no idea where and how to start with a good video production strategy. Our video production company will be able to understand your needs, brands and story to come up with videos where each frame highlights your brand message effectively.

Our video production agency specializes in creating videos that best suit your requirements and needs. We have in our team ace videographers who have the ability to conceptualize all your ideas and turn them into a reality. Our core specialities lie in the production and creation of:

Explainer videos

As a video production company, we have a team that has the expertise of creating crisp and succinct explainer videos that explain to the audience what your brand story is all about. Rather than uploading pages full of content for masses whose attention span is less than 8 seconds, it is advisable to work on video content that explains everything about you and your brand in a beautifully weaved visual story.

Promotional videos

Our video production agency at italics pioneers in the creation and conceptualization of videos that promote your brand offerings which are products/services in the most strategic and illustrative way. These days the masses want videos that attract their attention and at the same time give them all the reasons why they should invest in your brand product. Our promotional videos will give your brand that unique edge and visibility that is needed.

Corporate videos

These days if you are a brand that wants to make a special place in the memories of your customers, it is important to reach out to them with content that is not solely promotional. Customers these days feel more connected to a brand if they are able to connect with the people behind them. Video production services will help you fashion corporate videos that resonate with your brand image. These corporate videos can also be used on your corporate website so as to attract the right business and stakeholders attention.

Educational videos

As a brand do you deal with products/services that are very technical and difficult to explain? Well, now with the help of educational videos produced by our video production agency, you no longer need to worry about being misunderstood. Educational videos are videos that help to explain to the masses even the most complex processes, products with the help of diagrams, sketches and other visual aids.

Brand videos

The greatest of brands at once were only ideas, and the same holds true for almost every brand that has a success story to narrate. Brand videos produced at our video production company will help the masses know the very core of your brand. These brand videos are ideal to communicate to your audience exactly what your brand mission and vision is. Well produced brand videos at our video production agency will help your brand connect with the masses instantly.

Specific content marketing videos

How do brands become memorable and unforgettable? They create video content that plays the dual role of highlighting both their brand along with promoting their products and services. These content marketing videos are created with the sole purpose of creating a level of excitement towards a product so effectively that a customer is pushed to hit the Call to Action button. Our video production agency has the know-how of creating and visualizing content marketing videos that will give your audience the experience that they need to make your brand unforgettable.

Why opt for our video production services?

Video production services these days are crucial for making your brand stand out. Video marketing has the unique capability of connecting with the audience in a way that they convert from prospective leads into genuine and loyal customers of your brand. Videos produced and conceptualized at our video production agency will give your brand that reach and mileage that it needs on platforms like YouTube and every other social media platform that has started with video reels.

While all other forms of content helps mediate your message, videos go one step ahead in making things more personal and effective. WIth the help of the right video production services, your brand can also instil a personality in each video uploaded and bind the customers to the greatest form of connect which is the personal connect.

It is true that people might forget words but videos that resonate with the visual and emotional senses can and never will be forgotten. Video production services that have the ability to create videos that appeal to the emotional quotient of the audience help a great deal in generating the right ROI. Let’s face it people may forget what your brand writes and says, but they will never forget how your brand made them feel, and this is one of the most powerful benefits of engaging the right video production services.

Did you know that 70% of all searches that you complete on a search engine display not written but video content? Brands that are effectively able to communicate with the help of promotional and business videos have a major SEO advantage as well. Video production agencies that are able to captivate the SEO niche are the ones that understand the very pulse of the digital market.

Hiring the right video production company will give your brand the advantage of becoming the most visually appealing and memorable brand. At a time when there are so many brands that offer the same products and services it is the right video marketing strategy that can set you several distances apart from the competition.

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