SEO and content writing go hand in hand.  A systematically formulated content with relevant keywords has better search engine visibility and therefore, has more clicks-though rates and better ROI. There is a lot of content over the internet; however, not all are relevant to the readers. If you want to increase your brand’s conversion rates, the content displayed on your website should not only be relevant but also systematically optimized and visually appealing to them.


Here are a few of the SEO content writing tips you can follow to boost the brand’s SERP:


1)   Know your audience and incorporate relevant keywords:

The website content affects the performance of your page in the organic search thereby playing a crucial role in determining the brand’s conversion rates.  The content should be personalized as per your audience and simultaneously should include keywords necessary for SEO.


It is advisable to include keywords in the title and in the first 300 words of the content. In the later part of the content incorporate keywords in such a manner that it perfectly aligns with the topic. Remember not to stuff your content with keywords as it will make the readers lousy and disinterested.


The idea is not to increase the number of keywords to optimize your content but to focus on those keywords that speak volumes about the brand’s intent, product, or services.


2)  Enhance readability:

Clarity and precision are the essence of any content marketing strategy. Build upon specific ideas with the intent of convincing the readers about the value proposition so that they consequently hit the call-to-action button.


You should design your content that ensures longer dwelling-time of the visitors.  Once your content is understandable by a larger section of people, more individuals will surf your website for a longer time and hence, it will ultimately improve your Google rankings.


The aim is to generate a simple, original, creative, and entertaining content for the readers. It should be remembered that while doing so you should have a thorough understanding of the targeted audience vis-à-vis the consumer behaviour, their likes and dislikes, and so on. Nonetheless, you should try not to overtly promote your business and try to build a good bonding with the readers to enhance your brand equity.


3) Work on your page loading speed:

The fundamental way to boost your SEO content is by improving the page loading speed. The content of your webpage should load faster as slower the page loads, the more irritated your viewers will become. Consequently, they will switch to other websites.


Furthermore, you can enhance the user experience by including relevant visuals and other media in the content. People are visual learners and they have a higher tendency to understand things better through images and videos. The visual elements keep the readers engaged and simultaneously reduce the bounce rate thereby, increasing the traffic on your site.


4) Provide testimonials and valid references:

These days many contents available on the internet include random facts that do not have any authentic sources. Therefore, try to incorporate a few testimonials and cite facts from trustworthy sources. This will increase the readership of your content and simultaneously boost your SERP.


5) Length matters:

Believe it or not, search engines give more preference to originally articulated articles that have word counts of about 1000 or more. You need to conduct depth research on the topic and include minute details that are important to your readers.


The longer the article, the more value you will be providing to your readers and hence, there will be a lower bounce rate. Nobody knows your business except you, so use this as an advantage and include all the details about your product and services in the content you are generating.


6)  Link your blogs with the main domain:

You can increase the traffic to your website by linking your blog content with the main domain. In this way, readers who access blogs can simultaneously access the business website.


Moreover, you can also optimize your SEO content by incorporating the names of local places, nearby towns, local news, etc. in the blog. Users might search for the attributes mentioned above and eventually come across the business website.


Linking up with famous local blogs, directories, and industry-focused directories are few other ways to boost up SEO. They are not only well indexed by the search engines but also have a geographical significance. Building connections with them through the sharing of links and comments highlight the brand as a trusted entity among the search engines.


7) Keep track of your activity:

With the help of Google Analytics you can keep track of the bounce rate, click-through rates, etc. for your website. By analyzing these elements you can get an idea about the level of engagement with your content on the part of the readers/visitors.


If there is an increase in the bounce rates with a low level of dwelling time then it indicates that your content was not interesting and relevant to the readers. Hence, these metrics will assist you in changing your plan of action and generate content that is liked by the targeted audience.


One of the important ways to boost your SEO is to create relevant and compelling content for your targeted readers. Including appropriate keywords, visuals, links, and facts in content that is well-structured plays an important role is optimizing the SEO and ultimately increases the traffic to your website. Furthermore, you should monitor the relevance and appropriateness of your content through tools like Google Analytics.

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Pooja is the head of operations at italics, a content marketing agency based in India. She manages content development and marketing for clients belonging to a wide range of industries. She is more than 8 years of experience in SEO content writing, copywriting, thought leadership and article writing. She is also a certified psychologist and an expert in analysing consumer behaviour to generate winning content

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