You must be receiving tons of emails every day, and a lot of them remain unopened. Every day your inbox is filled with information that you may or may not require. So how do you judge the relevance of these emails? Through the email subject lines.

Research has shown that 47% of marketers test different types of email subjects to see which one is working for them perfectly. This helps them optimize their email performance.

Why are email subject lines so important?

When writing a subject line, the ultimate motive is to make it attention-grabbing and hopefully increase the click rate. Initially, when you are writing an email, your attention is mostly on the contents of the email and less on the subject line of the mail. You can compare the subject line to the cover of a book or the headline of a blog or an article. This is what is going to attract users to click on your content. But if the line is not engaging enough, then like the rest of the spam emails, your email might also end up in the trash.

Research has shown that 69% of the recipients pin emails as trash on the pretext of their subject line only.

In due course, when your brand is developed, people might click on our emails based on the name of your brand, but when you are starting on your own, you need to be sure that people click on your emails by making the subject line interesting!

Best Practices while writing an Email Subject Line

Before I show you some examples of the best email subject lines, let me give you some tips on how to come up with a creative and unique subject line. Here is what you should keep in mind.

Be descriptive yet precise

Typically you can keep around 9 words or 60 characters in the subject line box. It is important to ensure that in these few words, you get right to the point while also enticing the reader.

Make it personalized

When writing an email, consider mentioning the name of the person to whom it is addressed or the company or location.


This is very important. You need to make sure that your subject line is relevant to the content inside of the article. Do not mislead your readers by making false promises that would encourage them to unsubscribe.

Avoid fillers

You have limited space, so make sure to miss out on phrases like, “Hey there” and get right to the point without wasting words and well, time.

 Put the important words in the beginning

Research suggests that 50% of the emails are read on mobile phones where only 25-30 characters are shown. This is why you should stress the important details right in the beginning.

 Try and include a deadline

If you are sending out an email with offers, make sure that you include a deadline by when the offer can be availed in the subject line. This grabs the immediate attention of the reader and the click rate becomes higher.

Avoid writing in ALL CAPS

Writing in all caps is equal to yelling in the digital world. Nobody wants their email yelling at them. All caps may grab attention but in the wrong way.

Types of Email Subject Line with Examples

Now that we have understood what to keep in mind while writing email subject lines, let us go through some types and examples:

The Question

 When you include a question in the subject line, you tend to make a personal connection with the reader. For example

“What’s exciting about 2021 you ask?”

“Do you have the perfect gift for your sibling this Raksha Bandhan?”

“Have you looked at our latest travel packages?”

What you understand from this is that rather than informing people of your offers, you are answering a question for them.

 The Teasing Tone

Guess what? People love it when you leave them on a cliffhanger with the answer just a click away. You need to leave them wanting to know more. For example,

“5 best gift ideas that you didn’t think of”

“Where were you?.. It’s about to end…Check now”

“[Name] we have a compliment for you inside”

While making an email subject line with a teasing tone, you need to think of who your audience is and then customize it accordingly.

The Checklist

Making your subject line with numbers in them makes it more interesting and faster to absorb. For example,

“ Top 5 picks of your favorite summer dresses is here”

“Earn $10,000 on your first webinar”

“My website traffic increased by 35% in the last 9 months”

The Announcement

A subject line with an announcement grabs attention like no other. This makes the reader feel special by making them think that they are the first ones to get to know about your announcement. For example,

“The winners of the fashion sale are…”

“Do not miss this new opportunity”

“Ends today, extra 30% off!”

The Entertainment

 Nobody minds a little entertainment. While going through a list of boring email subject lines, the one that is a little witty or funny always grabs your attention. It doesn’t matter what you are trying to put forward, if you make it funny, there’s a high chance that your reader will click on it. For example,

“You don’t want FOMO, do you?”

“Hungry? Say cheese”

“[Name] we have a compliment for you inside

The email subject line should be a summary of what you have to put through to your readers but precise and crisp. As you understand, a subject line is the most crucial part of your email campaign. They can either make it or break it, there is no in-between. Copy Writing Services can be helpful if you want your email marketing efforts to yield results. Remember that your email subject lines can help you boost click rates and convert customers! We understand that it can become a day-to-day challenge because coming up with an interesting subject line every day is not easy, however, you can use the few examples and tips from above and come up with smart ideas. 

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