The text used in advertising is the medium to connect with the audience. Since the amount of content that can be put in advertisements is limited it is required by the advertisers to strike a chord with the audience within a span of few words.

This is where Copywriting skills come into play. Copywriting skills is the composition of promotional content for various media platforms. The main agenda of copywriting in advertising is to convey much more than what is written.

Here are few copywriting examples from print ads across the world that brought a revolution in the copywriting industry:


Within the listed top examples it is the best copywriting example.
The Hershey’s ad campaign is termed as legendary because they did not use advertising at all in their first 69 years of operation in producing chocolates. Their first-ever Print Advertisement came out in 1970 and since then they have used catchy slogans to capture their market. These legendary campaigns include their popular slogans such as “More Sustaining Than Meat”

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This print ad deservingly won a medal at the 2003 Cannes Festival. The beauty of copywriting is exemplified through the use of just three words used. It is a well-known fact that “Smoking causes cancer”. However, most people don’t make efforts to quit smoking until the cancer is detected. Cancer instills fear of death and thus, the person cannot smoke. The agenda of the advertisement was to make every smoker think twice before lighting a cigarette.

cancer patients aid association3. ECOFILL

The Ecofill print ad is one of the best works of the renowned agency Ogilvy and Mather. This ad is the best example of copywriting. This ad is of the printer cartridges refills by Ecofill. The funny series of four ads have one color component empty in each of them. The aim of the campaign was to market a refill for specific colours instead of the entire cartridges when a particular color runs out.



Here is another amazing copywriting example. One of the largest selling chewing gums globally, Wrigley’s Orbit launched a very funny marketing campaign recently. Their aim was to separate breakfast and lunch by chewing gum. The ad implied that if you had eggs for breakfast and plan to have chicken in the lunch then separate the meals by chewing a gum. It is essential for maintaining good oral hygiene.



This simple yet effective ad is from The Economist, a financial newspaper in India. This attempt of theirs was to establish them as the best financial newspaper in India. They used the element of satire to effectiveness. The advertisement conveys that someone who hasn’t read The Economist yet, is still a trainee even at the age of 42.

The Economist


This advertisement by Porsche in 1983 was an outcome of the results of Le Mans endurance race of 1983. In a 24 hour race, Le Mans, covering 3,000 miles eight out of the first ten spots were occupied by Porsche, showing complete dominance. The lines below indicated extreme sarcasm while lashing out at opponents, stating the there is still scope for improvement, and “Nobody’s Perfect”.

Porsche7. APPLE Personal Computer

Printed for the first time in 1977 the tagline “Simplicity is Sophistication” became immensely popular. A simple design has been a feature of all Apple products under Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was very enthusiastic about design. The simplicity in his design came as an influence of following Zen Buddhism from Japan which preached simplicity.


This legendary print Ad of Johnnie Walker Red from 1963, created a huge hype because of the two glasses of scotch, one over the other. With widespread advertisements of other popular brands of scotch, Johnnie Walker Red aimed to establish itself being the largest selling brand of scotch whiskey globally.

johnnie walker red9. U.S. ARMY

This legendary poster/advertisement is the most iconic advertisement in the history of advertising. This poster was spread all across the country during the First World War in search of recruits for the United States Army, the strongest army in the world. This poster was incredibly effective and was used again in the Second World War with the picture of then-President Franklin Delano instead of Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam is a legendary character and personifies the government in this case, the best example of anthropomorphism.


This ad was featured in the 2002 edition of Cosmopolitan. Cointreau is a French liquor with flavour of bitter and sweet oranges. This ad was to show the globalized sales of Cointreau with a Russian model featuring in the commercial of French liquor.

Cointreau11. McGraw-Hill MAGAZINE

You might be hearing about this example of copywriting. This ad was created in the late 1950s for the McGraw-Hill magazine. It went on to be a legendary business-to-business ad as it targeted the crux of salesmanship. It was aimed at making salesmanship “customer specific”. The product or service the salesman intends to sell is much more important than any details about the company.


British Airways created this marvel of a billboard and put up in numerous locations globally. The technology in the billboard tracks the plane which is about to fly overhead and displays the flight number and city of departure.

british airways lookup billboard13. AUDI

Audi used the right marketing strategy involving rivalry, conflicts and controversies. Audi has had Billboard wars several times with competitors like BMW and Mercedes. One of the most infamous incidents happened in Los Angeles when Audi counter-attacked BMW while the latter was promoting a chess tournament. Even Mercedes stayed out of it and did something different, but Audi attacked them as well.


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