Top 10 Simple Social Media Content Writing Tips

Top 10 Simple Social Media Content Writing Tips

Do you wish to master the art of writing on social media? Social media is a huge platform in modern times and every company, public figure and anyone who wants to deliver their messages to masses must be a decent social media writer. Being an efficient writer surely boosts your confidence level up for a personal benefit. However, one thing that can be mentioned with surety is one often finds himself lost in the world of tons of tips and tricks and gets confused as to what should be the first step. The whole process can seem mind-boggling to anyone leading them to get trapped in an endless loop of dos and don’ts.

Here is a list of solutions to your huge problem with basics a beginner requires to start off with a bang. The first important thing is to focus on. So, do it while you read this so that you are able to grasp the idea behind the tips and finally apply it on to your writing.

So, here we go with the 10 ways that would help you to improve your social media content writings skills:

1)  Practice: Ever heard of the popular proverb ‘Practice maketh a man’. The secret is that this proverb is applicable universally to anything and everything. Even if you are not able to deliver your desired potential in the beginning, do not lose hope, ever. Keep writing until you make it. Develop a habit of writing every day and follow it without fail. Missing out on a single day of practice can make you lose your interest as well as decrease the improvement that you have been able to achieve. Keep practicing and mark these words that your writing skills will improve over the course of time.

2)  Develop your own structure: You read that right! Never try to copy the writing style of any popular social media writer. Develop one for yourself. Having inspiration is good but you need to be careful that you must develop your special skill on your own. No one wants to see a carbon copy of another popular writer. The only thing you will become famous for is plagiarism in such a scenario. You obviously do not want that! Sit down, write and keep writing until something clicks your mind.

Think, strategize and come up with your own formula to entice the large audience if you wish. You must be original if you wish to make it big for a social media content writer.

3)  Do not do it because some XYZ did and became successful: This is a really important point. If you wish to be a professional, forget about the greed of fame. Don’t keep on writing just because you want to be some XYZ famous author. Fame should not be the only thing driving you to your success.

Absolutely no! To be a better writer, it is good to have some ambition, but it is more important to have a keen interest in it. Any person can excel at writing only when he himself wants to do it. Not just because he wants to be popular. So, you have to write and practice with interest, not only by looking at a fantasized dream.

4)  Look for your field of interest: No one is an all-rounder in writing. Explore and find what interests you more. You need to find out which pattern of writing suits you. No one can be a master at writing both in the fields of news and philosophical. Every kind of writing requires a completely different kind of writing style, structure and thinking process. Choose one out of the many and focus on developing that single field more instead of trying to write everything.

5)  Keep it simple and sober: If your aim is a large audience, it is better to avoid using complex structure or highly confusing words. Be simple. That’s the key to success. You want to connect with masses all at once. You cannot sit down and write some Shakespeare style prose and expect thousands of people to admire you. People need to connect to you at all levels before you become a person to admire. Social media is a place where you can find all kinds of people and your writing should be as such to make a place in the hearts of many.

6)  Do not ask for too many things: This is right! Never treat your audience like a slave. You should not add too many instructions for them to follow just for your won benefits. Make them feel special and important. A few dos and don’ts are fine in the posts but having too many of them will drive your audience away and make you the bad person in the picture. So, the key is, do not ask for too much. Keep it small and subtle.

7)  Use a personal and conversational tone: Do not forget that you are on social media. Here, you have one on one interaction with people, and you have to make sure that each and every reader of your posts are able to connect to you. Keeping your writing style simple is not the only important tip. You should start off by writing in the first person. Make the person believe that you, as a person, are trying to interact with them and not just for the sake of any campaign, company, etc. Let it be conversational so that the readers stay engaged.

8)  Research well: Before you present our thoughts to someone online, do not forget to research well. Including numerical data in your writings also increases the engagement of the post. Research as much as you can and present the platter of theoretically correct facts and data for them to appreciate your work. Including some trivia facts does not hurt. Bad research will lead your post to fail and even make it as a symbol of your dishonesty.

9)  You do not have to be always formal and professional: Yes, you heard it. Social media is not a business meeting place. It is a place where people voice out there opinions informally and casually. Now, do not make the mistake of forsaking it as the normal way of delivering thoughts. But it does not harm to make your posts look a little bit less serious and somewhat friendlier. After all, you are aiming to make your reader your family.

10)  Be Interactive: Social media content writing not only needs you to be an efficient writer but also as a social person. You should be interactive with your followers. That can be done through some live question and answer sessions or in the comment sections. Give fitting replies to the people so that you make a mark for yourself. You do not want to be just a post writer and upset your audience with not interacting on personal levels with them.

These were some of the key tips and content writing tools to help you be better at content writing on a social media platform. Follow these points and excel in the art of social media writing. Do not forget to stay consistent with your mass audience. You don’t want to lose them, do you?

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