How To Write A Perfect Ad Copy For Instagram?

How To Write A Perfect Ad Copy For Instagram?

Copywriting is what is required to develop an ad copy. Copywriting is basically writing down text for the sole purpose of marketing. The marketing could be in the form of advertisement. The advertisements have not only been limited to video ads but have changed to text and picture ads that have been displayed all over the place. These days social media platforms also allow the putting up of ad copy for any company and it is doing wonders for the company.

A lot of people spend a lot of time surfing on social media and that is when the act of social media advertising comes to be a success. When people see customized ads on social media handles, they are bound to be attracted to it which results in a lot of profit for the companies.

When we talk about social media, Instagram has been trending these days. You might find almost everyone on Instagram in the present day and it seems like the best social media platform to advertise for your products. But then the question arises, how to do it?

Writing ad copy is not something ordinary and requires some critical thinking. Not every ad is convertible and the main purpose of any ad is to provide traffic to the company and the specific type of traffic that converts. This is where most companies get the shorter end. They might be able to gain a huge amount of traffic but the traffic that converts is most useful for any company out there.

In case you are one of the people who worry about writing an ad copy that appears to be perfect for Instagram then you are probably at the right place. Here we have tips for you that will help you write the perfect ad copy for your company.

The key point is to keep it simple:

It is strict advice to never overdo it. Overdoing anything makes you look desperate which is the last thing anyone would want. Therefore, just keep it simple and shoo away the complexities when you frame your ad copy.

Do not make ad copies which lack the basic detail: 

It looks highly unprofessional if you do not provide the basic details to the users using your ad copy. If the user feels unsatisfied after reading your ad copy, chances are that he is going to move on from your ad copy, which is not too beneficial in your interest.

Make it a point to clear simple questions like ‘who’ ‘what’ ‘where’ ‘when’ and ‘how’. You need to provide them with information to attract them.

It might not be a bad idea to complement the text with images and videos:

It has been observed that the ad copies which are complemented by images and videos do better than the ad copies which are just full of text and text. The colorful images and videos are bound to grab the viewer’s attention which is the first step in attracting the user to connect with your brand.

The images could be of the product or stating its use. The videos could be a short ad film which promotes the usage of your product.

But there lies a catch! These pictures and videos need to be created according to the audience that you are targeting. Do you want to target teenagers or just girls or the men? Pick up a single section and make up your visual ad with keeping the audience in mind.

Although, Instagram allows your ads to be longer but do not use up whole of the limit:

Although writing is good when it is about conveying your thoughts and opinion but when the topic of ad copies arises, you need to be more careful.

Ad copies do not look that attractive to the users’ eyes if it is full of too much text. Providing information is necessary but you need to do it correctly. Too less could be harmful and so can be too much. Find a perfect balance and do not use the whole word limit provided to you as it does not look good to the audience’s eyes.

Try using more of the interactive tone instead of going by your brand’s name:

It is always advised to go with the first person while writing. Whenever you use words like ‘I’ or ‘We’, it makes the ad copy look much more authentic and reliable. Using brand name instead of first-person pronouns makes it look like you are writing for a third person and might not be pleasing to the users’ eyes unless it is a huge brand.

An interactive tone not only sets up more authenticity and reliability but also brings upon better connection with the users which is beneficial to the company.

Hence, by using these tips you can become better at copywriting. But it is possible that you might still face some hurdles. In case you are too busy with your work and cannot afford to do the copywriting by yourself or if you need any assistance at the act of copywriting then it is better to go for copywriting services.

There are many companies out there that provide copywriting services to help you with the whole advertisement scenario. It is not possible for everyone to be able to write an ad copy and it is completely okay if you think you are failing at it. Not many people can write it easily.

Either you need to practice hard at what you are learning and soon with the course of time; you will become better at copywriting. Or you can even just hire a company that provides copywriting services. In any case, it is important for you to develop the perfect ad for your products as in the absence of it, your advertisements might fail to convert. The perfect combination of the power of social media and the correct skills of copywriting can bring on wonders for the company and its products.

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