With increasing talent and competition among companies, it is only desirable and recommended to have a strong content marketing hub. Not only because it promotes the brand, but also because it genuinely makes people aware of what the company provides them with, and helps engaging more people.

A few things, if taken care of, can actually bring about significant changes and give your blog a much farther reach.

Content Creation

The visibility of content on the internet works on search engine optimization. This article would discuss all the necessary features to be included in one’s blog to make it a content marketing magnet. Content on blogs has always amazed people with a habit of reading. There are several bloggers who have gained success using blogging platforms and then turned out to be hot shots for online marketing and content creation.

The tone of the articles is the most important factor to work upon. Not every content writer or blogger is capable of achieving that captivating tone for the audience. The online audience desires relevant and on-the-point articles in their search results.A genuinely influential strategy has to be formulised to uniformly create, repurpose, and develop engaging and appealing content which most content marketing approaches fail to achieve because they are carelessly planned, and organizations and individuals eventually give up on them

Online content marketing is all about being close to the mentality of the average human being. There are about 70-80% readers who opt for easy and understandable verbiage in the articles and blogs they read. There are around 30-20% readers who have a taste of reading high-end blogs and articles. Accordingly, the target audience should always be the focus.

There are various bullets that should be kept in mind to generate traffic on one’s blog:


Research can be considered as the foundation for every blogs structure since it would be the sole ideating reason for writing a blog. It does render various ideas, processes, and thoughts for framing a blog or an article.It does not always refer to a particular topic but also involves getting an understanding of the target audience, customers demand, ideation, and even analysing the other competitors on the same platform.

Analyse your Target Audience well

Just as the economy works, you have to know who you’re doing the work for. It’s the best way to make sure your work is updated.

Also, if you’re writing for a diverse set of people, it is always suggested to have more than one blog so that it remains reader-centric only.

Know your people. It is easier to write that way because of that way, you know what your writers want and just how they want it.

See their habits and understand their personalities. This can easily be done with the use of marketing personas. Remember, you aren’t simply writing for a crowd with no particular likes and needs.

Strong Headline

A blog is represented by its headline; it is basically a face for the blogger’s blog. Though there are various mainframe pictures attached to the blogs too, the first thing to be visible to all the audience while surfing is the blogger’s headline for their blogs. The headlines of these blogs become the attention seekers or the reason for pushing them away. According to various surveys, is has been concluded that most visitors on various websites read the headline on the blog and then decide whether to go further with it or not!

Every blogger is expected to convey the idea and emotion of the whole blog through its headline so that it can increase the curiosity of the reader’s mind.

Have a Determined Script

When you have a script though of and well understood, it would be much easier to strategize, plan everything out, and eventually implement it and get desirable results.

▪         Use a calendar to keep yourself up to date

This would help you to stay on the track and not plan things in the wrong manner because they won’t work out that way. See the holidays and days that would be best suited to engage more people with your events.

▪         Prepare what you plan to deliver

Decide what is best for your blog and what offerings you wish to create. That would be conferences, webinars, or other such options.

▪         Set a goal and work on it

It’s not always about the sales and the revenue; your blog should aim to be something beyond just that.

Optimize your Content

It is essential to realize that just coming up with the content is not enough. Almost everyone can do that. You have to make sure that what you’re writing actually engages your target audience and attracts them to it and not lose interest midway. The content should be very relevant to what your company has to offer.

Make sure you make use of the right keywords and reference everything with appropriate links. Use bold, italics, underline formats wherever needed to help people who are only skimming through the blog. It doesn’t require many efforts. In fact, sometimes a proper and well-thought usage of different fonts and colors, some visual and audio content and other ways of a presentation can also do the job. Hire a professional blog writer to do a thorough job.

Have a Strong Foundation

To actually be a magnet and center of content marketing, a blog necessarily has to have a strong basis that it works upon.

▪         If possible, have a URL of your own company’s website. That actually gives a lot more credibility to your content that some already established blog site.

▪         Make good use of technological support. Integrate your blog and website into one big marketing magnet. This would not only attract a larger audience but also make it easier for them to access all your content.

▪         Keep the best posts on the top because often, readers only want to skim through the best parts.

Visual Content

Though the blogs are written for blog readers and is mainly concerned about the word length and its knowledge or experience which it delivers. Making the customer stay on the content page is a pretty difficult task for any website developer or a content writer. The visual content on any website helps increase the lifetime of the blog and the visits from the users.

Info graphics, facts and figures can also be displayed with flow charts, Venn diagrams for representing any analytical and logical data for the users. These diagrams would on an average increase, push and promote the blog across various channels with the help of these images.

Promote your Content the Right Way

All your efforts will be in vain if you do not correctly promote your subject. Remember that the social media is your best friend when it comes to promotion and getting more people on board. In today’s digital world, social media snippets are a trending method to magnetize the content on the internet.With huge networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., there can be no moment when you’re running out of promotions to do. There are various content communities such as Reddit, Biz Sugar where further the content can be submitted for catering it to their existing customer base.Use appropriate phrases that would catch anyone’s attention and get them interested so that they at least read it further. Another easy idea is the classic email system.

Make sure you share your content with every single person without having them to ask for it because they won’t. Keep a share button on your blog so that they can spread it further because the number of readers that increases in this manner is always exponential.

Convey your Ideas well

It might be comparatively easy to just prepare content, but it is very important to make sure your ideas are conveyed properly. Have a clear idea of what you intend to show to the readers and stick to what you believe. The views you present should be distinct and bold. Do not attempt to beat around the bush. You will involve people through your quality, not simply your quantity. Build your content according to the customers that you have. Make sure the language that you use is simple, but at the same time, impactful. Inspire, educate and reinforce people through your work. This will make sure they stick in the long run as well. It might take time and efforts but it’ll be worth it.

Keep a Trail of Results

Every once in a while, look back and see how far you’ve come and how well you’ve been doing. Don’t be afraid of taking feedback. Work on them. Make sure you do not repeat the mistakes you’ve done so far to retain the loyalty of your audience. Keep a track of how well your strategies have worked. If they’ve failed, look for alternatives and give those a try. It’s never too late to start something new, as long as it is benefitting you. For anything you wish to do well, this step is extremely necessary.


Keep your Resources ready

There has to be a pre-determined management and proper allocation of resources through your entire blog. Do not simply restrict it to content writing. You have to equally distribute work among other departments such as promotion, marketing, creatives, technology, editorial, etc.

To make your blog a content marketing magnet is not one man’s job. It requires a lot of efforts and missing out on one small detail might steal that very opportunity from you. This will ensure that your content is factually correct, it is distributed and promoted in the right manner and that there remain no glitches for your readers to complain about because interrupted service is always the best one.

That is what your entire blog depends on. It is important to keep growing, but it is just as important to make sure you’re growing the right way in the right direction.

Thus, making your blog a content marketing might actually be a relatively difficult task, but the outcome is very desirable. New companies and brands that wish to expand should certainly work on this idea and make this the very foundation of their blogging component since it would be beneficial in the long run. As technology is getting better, there are many platforms through which this is achievable. If one is willing to follow these tips, nothing would stand as an obstacle between them and their goals and eventually become the very core of marketing.

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